Updated Monday 11 April 2022

We are currently in the RED-Light system we have reviewed and updated our Covid Response Plan. At this time, we encourage you to have a conversation as a whānau and make your own Covid response plan, such as what you will do if there is a positive case in your student’s class and whether it might be necessary for your student to self-isolate.

Whilst the number of cases remain relatively low, we will endeavour to inform you when there is a positive case in your students’ class. We know that if students have been following our health and
safety guidelines, i.e., mask wearing, sanitising, etc. that the risk of exposure while at school is very low. 

We are aware that despite our best efforts, at times students do not always follow our guidelines.  We encourage you to check with your student as to whether they feel they may have an increased risk, this may occur through sharing drink bottles or food, or not wearing their masks correctly,

We know it is important that we remain connected as a school community. Student leaders and staff are working on some creative ways in which this can occur in a safe and fun way. 

Once again, we have focused our efforts on two areas: learning and hauora.  We continue to maintain our current timetable, with students working in kāhui or Hubs, to help reduce the rate of Covid spreading within our kura.

Students' Hub and Kāhui teachers will continue to be checking in regularly to monitor both learning and overall hauora, whether in the classroom or at home.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or suggestions to improve our plan.  If you or your whānau need any support, please do not hesitate to contact us at or phone 06 873 1133.

We wish you and your whānau, wellness, peace, and aroha on the journey ahead. 

Covid -19 Notification Process

As part of our COVID-19 response plan, we have created an easy to follow diagram which outlines our step by step process for monitoring and tracking cases.  

This information is based upon the Red Light, Phase three plan and requirements set out by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.  

Attendance Officer contact details:

Principal's contact details:


Covid Safety Guidelines


  • It is essential for us to maintain accurate attendance details.  
  • If a student needs to be away from school, please contact the school office or go to the school website and submit an absence form.
  • If students have an appointment and need to leave school during the day, they must communicate this with their teacher at the start of the day, so they can let them sign out. Students cannot just leave the school grounds. This is important for everyone’s safety. 

Contacting the school

  • Your Kāhui or Hub teachers will be looking after all of your learning and pastoral needs in Term 1.  
  • Please refer to our list of teachers assigned to your students Kāhui or Hub.
  • If you whānau require any additional support over this time, please email or phone 06 873 1133.


  • Pānui
    Our main form of communication will continue to be our Pānui each Friday, which is published on the school website.  
  • Text Alerts
    In addition we will send text alerts to direct you to your emails, should it be necessary.
  • Emails
    Teachers will send emails to whānau when communicating with home.  Please ensure that we have your correct contact details.
  • Social Media
    Keep up to date by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Feeling Unwell?

  • If a student feels unwell during the school day, they need to tell their classroom teacher.  
  • The teacher will make contact with the Student Centre and you will be contacted by them to collect your student.  
  • It is important that the school knows where your student is.  Please do not make arrangements with your student to pick them up unless you have spoken to the school office.

Hybrid Learning

  • The MOE has requested all schools provide a 'Hybrid' learning platform so students can continue to learn from home should they need to self isolate.  
  • We will be using a hybrid model from the start of the year.  This way, students will be confident working remotely if and when they need to.

Learning Platforms

  • Learning platforms will be organised on a class-by-class basis with teachers guiding students through the process of registering on their Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams sites during the first few weeks of school.


  • Lunch in Schools will be up and running from the start of the year.  
  • Lunches will be served outside Te Rou rou by our lunch team.
  • Students are to physically distance when waiting to be served.
  • Masks to be worn during service.

Signing in and Out of School

  • If a student arrives late to school, they are to go directly to their Hub/Kāhui space.  
  • Their teacher will update their attendance.
  • If a student has an out of school appointment and needs to leave school before the end of the day, they need to communicate this with their classroom teacher. 
  • The classroom teacher will send an email to the admin staff and they will confirm that this is correct, before releasing the student.


  • We do have a supply of laptops. 
  • Students will be able to request a loan laptop from their Kāhui/Hub teacher.  
  • A loan agreement (signed by student and caregiver) will be required. 
  • Once the signed agreement has been returned to their teacher, a laptop will be delivered to their Kāhui/Hub.  
  • Priority will be given to senior students.


  • Students without access to a computer at home, will be issued hard packs if they are self isolating.
  • Contact your HUB leader to request hard packs.

Guidance Counsellor - Whāea Rose

  • Whāea Rose will continue to offer support for students.  
  • Appointments will need to be scheduled via email  
  • Appointments will occur either face to face with safety measures in place or using a remote platform.
  • If you, as whānau, have any concerns about your daughter please do not hesitate to email Rose.

Ākina Groups

  • To reduce mixing students, Ākina groups will not be operating in Term 1.  
  • Kāhui/Hub teachers will be supporting students with pastoral needs.  
  • Kāhui/Hub teachers are the first point of contact for students and whānau.


  • Cape Physio will not be working from Hastings Girls' during Term 1.  
  • If a student needs to see a physio, they will need to directly arrange an appointment at the Cape Physio clinic.


  • To limit physical contact and reduce risk, the library will be closed until further notice.  
  • We will set up a non-contact library service in the coming weeks.

School Nurse

  • Our school nurse, Diona will be on site each day.  
  • All appointments will need to be made via email,  
  • NO drop ins.

Education Outside the Classroom

  • Curriculum related trips where we can remain in a Hastings Girls' bubble, will be able go ahead with new safety measures in place. 
  • Swimming Sports and Athletic Sports are postponed at this stage.

Senior Art Materials

  • A number of Art students prefer to purchase their art supplies through the school.  
  • Our HoD Arts is currently preparing a process where this can still occur in a contactless manner.

Senior Curriculum Special Courses

  • Special senior courses such as Police, Equine Studies, EIT, Gateway will continue where possible with extra safety measures in place.  
  • Students in these groups will be notified of any changes.


  • During this Red Light time, we would prefer to keep visitors to the school to a minimum, however, if this does become necessary please report to reception to sign in, scan the QR code and if necessary show your vaccination pass.

Electives for Juniors

  • There will be no electives for Term 1. 
  • Electives will be allocated extra time in the remaining terms to allow a full programme to be offered.

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