Marion Iosefo

Samoan, Pasifika Studies, English and Social Sciences Teacher

Meet Marion Iosefo, Teacher of Samoan, Pasifika Studies, English and Social Sciences. A graduate of Hastings Girls’ High School, she’s working to achieve her life goal of giving back to the school community and being an active part of the change and growth she felt necessary to bridge the gap between the culture and kaupapa cultivated in the school today and that which she attended not so long ago. 

She’s passionate about her culture, providing authentic cultural experiences both in the classroom and co-curricularly. In doing so, she connects our Pasifika girls to their identity and heritage, as well as educating and informing the diverse tapestry of Hastings Girls’ students and staff.  

She believes that her work in empowering our girls gives them the tools to make good choices to determine their own futures. Music and dance are vital to her life. You might find her filling the hall with beautiful sound at the grand piano; at the head of our award winning choir, Pacific Pride; supporting our girls to perform at Polyfest and Fiafia night; or even showcasing her moves on TikTok!


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