Noeline Stewart

Food Technology Teacher

Meet Noeline Stewart, our Food Technology teacher. You can find her cooking up a storm with girls in the food tech room or frothing a fresh coffee with our trainee baristas. 

A Hastings Girls’ veteran, her passion is community projects, spreading love and knowledge of culinary skills to our girls and the wider community to inspire much needed hauora, economy and relationship building. 

In 2013 she embarked on the Camberley School Project, bringing primary school children into her classroom for an authentic experience in making real food with real ingredients to develop real life skills. Many of these girls, then in years five and six, are now in her classroom in years twelve and thirteen. She has also worked with girls to devise, fund and produce several recipe books, for causes such as the community food bank and the hospital children’s ward. She gave girls the ingredients provided by the food bank and challenged them to create their own recipes, which were then compiled into a book distributed with the food packages. In this way, she gave girls valuable real life skills which were paid forward into the surrounding community. Noeline’s domestic talents extend beyond the kitchen to sewing and growing indoor house plants in her spare time.


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