Step into the exciting new learning experiences on offer at Hastings Girls’ High School. Our goal is to challenge you, inspire you and give you the freedom to be creative in your learning as you develop values, skills and knowledge in a context relevant to your identity, strengths and interests. Whether experimenting with science, trying a new language or creating in our drama, technology or art rooms, your learning will allow you to become more curious, confident and connected, enabling you to flourish in your chosen pathway.

Learning values at the centre of our teaching and learning

Manaakitanga, nurturing and lifting up our wahine, is a central aspect of our school. We strongly focus on the key competencies of self-management, participation, contribution, and relating to others in your learning. We celebrate the diversity of our students and whānau, and have high expectations of equitable learning for all.  

Ako, learning from each other, is a key aspect of every classroom. In our classrooms everyone plays a role in our collective learning.

Kotahitanga, working as one, is important to us. Together we reflect on your outcomes, results and classwork to ensure that you continue to achieve your highest possible potential.

Our teachers

We are incredibly proud of our teaching staff who combine a depth of specialist knowledge with high expectations and individual support for each student. We have a diverse range of teachers who bring their wealth of cultural, global and personal experience into the classroom. Our staff care about our girls and are motivated to learn their stories and place learning in context so the girls might best achieve and thrive.

Our girls are placed at the heart of their own learning

Students are encouraged to choose their pathways with the support of their Akina Coach and Academic Deans. 

Junior students have the opportunity to opt into a learning Kāhui Kaupapa, which focuses learning through the lens of their academic strengths and passions. 

At NCEA, students are mentored and supported in their chosen pathways, setting learning in authentic contexts. 

We believe that students need time to reflect and self-manage their learning in preparation for their future. All students have a block of kāhui time during the week. Juniors are given the skills to manage their own homework and subject deadlines. On a Friday, senior students choose to work in a specialist Kāhui Kaupapa. This allows them to focus on achieving a Visual Art or Technology Internal, complete a Science practical, visit a cultural site for Waka Hourua or go to a workshop developing their writing skills. During this time students also have opportunities to plan for the future with careers conversations and workshops to develop skills needed beyond school such as financial literacy, flatting, jobs and hauora.

Our Subjects

Learning Hubs 2021

Hastings Girls' High School is committed to building a curriculum which is responsive to the interests, skills and strengths of our girls.  We know that when we spend time doing the things we love best, we are more confident in taking risks and learning new things, we excel beyond expectation. 

The Learning Hub concept was introduced in 2020, with two hubs; Physical Activity and Design and Innovation.  Hubs are made up of both Year 9 and Year 10 students. Surrounding each hub are subject specialist teachers (science, mathematics, physical education, social studies, English) just as with the students, these teachers also have a keen interest in either physical activity or design.  The teachers work as a team, collaborating to create a rich curriculum which enables the students to extend their skills and knowledge in their specific curriculum area, through the one common lens. 
Students in learning hubs also have options such as performing arts, visual arts, technology and languages included in their timetable.

Ongoing monitoring of student engagement and learning outcomes indicate that the Learning Hub concept is proving to be highly successful. In 2021, we will be expanding the number of hubs to include Engineering Your Future - Science and Mathematics.  

Please see below a brief overview of each of the three Learning Hubs on offer for 2021.  If you are interested in applying to be considered for a place within a hub, please follow the link and complete an application form.  Successful candidates will be notified before the end of the school year. 


The Physical Activity Hub started in 2020.  Feedback from students to date has been hugely positive, highlights being the connection between others in the hub and the numerous opportunities to get out and about learning beyond the classroom.  In this hub, students take a real interest in their physical health and development and grow a deeper understanding of what it means to be part of a healthy community and environment.  Students are not necessarily talented sports people, but rather have an interest in physical activity and learn best when they are active.

The Physical Activity hub is about:

Problem solving, Outdoor education, Creativity, Managing self, Biomechanics anatomy, Exploring, Making, Fitness, Games creation, Sustainability, Decision making, Invasion games, Contribution and participation, Communication, Well-being, Exercise physiology


The Design and Innovation Hub started in 2020.  The students have particularly enjoyed working in a mixed age class (Year 9 and 10's) as it provides opportunity to both learn from and lead others. Some students from this year's hub are thinking about exploring a possible career in the context of design. In the design and innovation hub, students will develop a greater understanding of design practice, knowledge and the nature of technology.

The Design and Innovation Hub is about:

Coding, Architecture, Problem solving, Industrial design, Creativity, Fashion Design, Exploring, Making, Media design, Interior design, Animation, Cabinet making, Pattern making, Communication, Jewellery, Food Technology


This is our newest learning hub.  In this learning hub, students will be exploring learning in their core classes through the lens of science and mathematics.  For some students, this may very well be the start of their pathway towards having a career in engineering or health science.  Through working with and alongside other students with similar interests, girls' will develop their ability to understand, investigate and communicate using both scientific and mathematical ideas. 

The Mathematics and Science Hub is about: 

Problem solving, investigation, using the languages of Science and Maths, critical thinking, using evidence, critiquing evidence, exploring ideas, thinking mathematically with scientific ideas, understand how different cultural knowledge contributes to our world


Our High Performance Sport Kāhui Kaupapa allows you to take your sporting ability to the next level, filtering all your learning through your passion for sport and activity.

Through a combination of theory and practical sessions you will learn about fitness and conditioning the importance of training and how to train for your sport, injury prevention and treatment  information, the right nutrition for an adolescent sportsperson, and goal setting for all aspects of your life.

  • A proven level of success in sport to date (ideally Hawke’s Bay representation, placing in a Hawke’s Bay Competition).
  • A positive attitude, commitment and appropriate behaviour, both in sport and in class.
  • A sustained high level of academic focus and effort school-wide.
  • A 90% attendance rate.
  • An application form must be completed with the enrolment. If accepted, a contract will be signed by the student and one parent.

Enrichment Opportunities:

School trips to outside providers, e.g. gyms, EIT, swimming pools; opportunities to hear guest speakers; liaison with school physiotherapist.

Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)

At HGHS we know the key to our students’ engagement and achievement is the opportunity to experience learning in authentic contexts outside the classroom. 

We want our students to develop their imagination and self-confidence through these experiences. In Year 9 and 10 there are Marae based learning opportunities for all students; arts trips to theatre, art galleries and musical events; speakers and performers invited in to share their experience; cross-curricular days at Pa sites; opportunities to explore our coastline and high places; and professional workshops offered with groups such as Code Avengers. NCEA students go on Physical Education and Geography camps; visit local cultural sites, experience arts and cultural events; connect with visiting speakers and performers; and have opportunity for further learning through the Wāka Hourua programme, EIT visits, and the Young Enterprise Scheme for Business Studies. The large number of girls gaining Merit and Excellence Endorsements at NCEA in these areas is testament to the power of these experiences outside the classroom.