Curriculum Vision for Junior Students

Knowing her story best supports her learning

‘The future is not a result of choice among alternative paths offered by the present , but a place that is created- created first in mind and will, created next in activity.’ (Schaar)

Curiosity and Passion

We have high expectations of every girl and her potential to achieve her best at Hastings Girls’ High School. Knowing her story and valuing her culture within our curriculum enables our girls to be positive and courageous in their own identity. Our redesigned Junior curriculum has a focus on the skills, values and knowledge both within and across learning areas that will ensure your daughter has a pathway to achieve her best at NCEA. At the heart of our curriculum is a rich community engagement, a focus on Hauora, key competencies, and a development of literacy and numeracy skills for each girl. The big questions asked and themes developed within learning areas are designed to develop curiosity, critical thinking, a sense of social justice and reflective learning. Underpinning these are values of diversity, leadership and excellence. Our Performing Arts and Technology Hubs provide opportunities for each girl to explore the arts, self expression, and develop innovation and passion. Our High Performance Sport hub develops the skills of our elite athletes.

Mana motuhake

We want our Junior students to finish year 10 well aware of themselves as citizens of both New Zealand and the world, thoughtful about their contribution to issues of sustainability, partnership under the Treaty of Waitangi and New Zealand’s place in the Pacific and globally. We know our girls need to be multiplicative and articulate thinkers and writers. We want them to be confident as women and know how to handle their own health and social media.


Our teaching staff are committed to providing a differentiated approach in the classroom that is inclusive of all learners, valuing their diversity and strengths. In order to support each girl, we spend time knowing her learning through data, teacher observation, and student and parent feedback. Our Year 9 classes are whanau classes in which girls can grow in a stable environment taught by a group of teachers who meet regularly to discuss each girl, learning strategies and class manaakitanga. Girls who need support with learning in a smaller environment will be part of a supported class and those who need enrichment and acceleration will be offered opportunities and pathways to scholarship. Learning experiences offered will encourage self management, team work, research skills and tuakana teina. EOTC is an essential part of these experiences.


Our community is an essential part of our school and of each student’s success at Hastings Girls’ High School. We encourage all our parents and communities to come in and discuss their daughters’ learning journey through the Junior years at Hastings Girls High School.

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