HGHS Guidance Counsellor / Social Worker - Job Description AA

Responsible To: 

The Principal or as delegated to the Learning Support Coordinator

Relating To And Communicating With: 

Senior Leadership Team, Learning Support Coordinator, House Deans, Academic Deans, Heads of Departments, Careers Adviser / Colleagues, Students / Parents / Outside Support Agencies Wider School Community, Contributing Schools

Primary Objectives: 

  1. To work with Senior Leadership Team, Guidance Network, and Akina Learning Coaches to support the pastoral care system to meet both the needs of the pupils and the school.
  2. To provide confidential counselling and guidance opportunities to students.
  3. To act as a resource person for staff especially House Deans, students and their parents/caregivers.
  4. To assist with staff development and training in the area of pastoral care
  5. To liaise with the Learning Support Coordinator where appropriate, contributing schools, training providers and relevant outside agencies as appropriate.
  6. To act as an agent for positive change, within the school community.