Wednesday 12 August 2020

Kia Ora

Takeaways from today's 3.20pm briefing:

  1. Please remember to be prepared by taking your devices home everyday.
  2. Two extra questions have been added to Kamar at ask whānau at the Progress Hui, regarding what support we can give to our families and what support they might be aware of in the community, which we can tell our school whānau about. 
  3. If you are on duty at Te Rourou, please help manage physical distancing and traffic flow through the cafe.
  4. Teachers to co-construct communication streams with their senior students in preparation for a potential rise in alert levels.
  5. HOD's meet tomorrow (Thursday) at lunch time.
  6. If you have any 100% cotton remnants or elastic at home for masks, please donate to Sue Eaton, as her and Anita will be making these on Friday, to give out to students.
  7. Devices there is a plan, more information will follow in due course.
  8. We are looking for feedback from staff about the things we need to improve from last time (email Bt) remember to review the staff website page.
  9. Seesaw Akina group names need to start with Akina code i.e. BLKY
  10. Akina groups must have BT included as a teacher, for collective messaging purposes.
  11. The timetable for Thursday 13 August changes to the timetable shown in Kamar for Friday 14 August.  Fridays timetable will remain as per Kamar.

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Kia Ora 

Thank you for your attendance at the full staff meeting yesterday. Although we know the Kahui Kaupapa model has been incredibly successful as part of our reengagement, reconnecting focus, it became clear after meeting with the timetabling team late last week, that we would be unable to resource this model this year given the time restraints.  

For the remainder of this week, the focus will continue to be on reconnecting with our students and ensuring they feel welcome and that together we can build a plan moving forward. We continue to support our staff on individual plans which means workload may not be equitable. We need to celebrate that to date, we have had over 96% of our girls return to school since last Monday.  
As the COVID-19 situation has continued  to stabilize across New Zealand, we will move towards a more familiar looking timetable from next week onwards.  

Some important considerations are;

  • reducing movement across the school
  • reducing the number of bells during the day
  • creating time for our senior students to work independently
  • building bigger blocks of time into the day to allow for richer, deeper learning
  • creating a 'home based' space for our junior classes, with a particular focus on our Year 9's who have only been with us for 7 weeks.
  • allowing time for our senior students to have face to face time with specialist teachers

Our timetabling team are working towards building our new look timetable and will have this out to staff by the end of the week. This is a very complex puzzle and as such, we imagine there may be cliches for us to tweak.  Once again, we ask for patience and kindness as we build this together. 

Given that this week is Samoan Language week, we invite students and staff to recognise this by wearing a puletasi or something else culturally appropriate on Thursday. 

Catherine Bentley

Tuesday 26 May 2020

Tena Koutou 

Please find attached the timetable for Thursday and Friday. I also attach the duties for those days. 
If you print the timetable then use A3.

If there are any glitches please let me know - again, many thanks for supporting the girls and each other this week in a collective manner. 

We know this has been a tough week - the benefit to the girls around hauora and learning has been immense and will enable them to feel comfortable in the support they have going forward. The support and kindness of staff in supporting each other through these early weeks of Alert level 2 has been amazing. 

SLT will be doing duties on Friday as part of a thank you to staff. 

Nga mihi 
Catherine Kelsey

Duties 25 May to 29 May

Thursday - Friday Week 6

Friday 22 May 2020

Tena Koutou

We are still in our first chunk of Alert Level 2 Return to School, in which the focus remains on students reconnecting and re-engaging, as well as hauora for both students and staff.

The focus for both seniors and juniors is on reconnecting with their learning, completing unfinished internals and communicating with teachers. This will be a big week for all of us and you do not need to start whole new chunks of online teaching unless it is appropriate. Some staff will be going in to supervise a Junior class they do not teach, just for next week. Some will be going into a kahui during senior lines to support students in their subject.

As communicated at the start of this chunk, we needed to be adaptable, responsive and kind to each other as we are supporting people on different plans. The Timetablers have ensured there is equity.

Attached is the detailed timetable for Mon-Weds next week and the Kahui Timetable. Please double check because there are some amendments, you will have the correct time allocation but this may be in different lines. This is just for next week, whilst we work on the modified TT. You will need to check both docs and construct your own timetable.

We have also attached the timings of the day.

Should our current situation as a nation remain stable beyond next week we will be moving to a regular timetable, with students and staff having the opportunity to work in a more familiar structure.

On Monday afternoon we will be holding a whole staff meeting in the hall where the Senior Leadership team will be updating you on health and safety, pastoral and curriculum matters. We will be sharing our idea of a modified and responsive timetable. There will be an opportunity for you to feedback through your Heads of Department ahead of the curriculum meeting on Tuesday after school.  Students have been giving feedback and will continue to do so.

Have a lovely weekend

from all SLT, Catherine, Catherine, Emma, Christian and Amanda 

Junior Classes

Senior Classes

Thursday 21 May 2020

Kia ora all, 

It was lovely seeing the girls making the most of the sun and catching up with their friends at lunch. The students I chatted with are just loving the idea of being able stay in the same space and not having their learning interrupted at the end of each spell. I don’t think they have even noticed the absence of the bells. 

Timetables for next week and the rest of Term 2

I would like to thank the timetabling team for their huge mahi behind the scenes this week. As promised, they have the Year 9 and Year 10 teacher timetables and timetabled senior lines ready for you on the excel sheet attached. This will also be up on Kamar by lunchtime tomorrow.  We will work with this through next week, taking feedback and reshaping in response. This is a work in progress and so the first chunk is Monday 25th May -Friday 29th May. 

Please note the following

  • The numbers 1-7 across the top are senior subject lines. (see attached if you are unsure of your lines)
  • Line 7 is ‘WOMOS’ time 
  • Next week is about girls getting support in beginning or completing internals, making contact with teachers and planning their learning. 
  • If you are teaching in one of these lines, you will be in a kāhui area and working with girls on the above in your subject area. Please put online work up as appropriate.
  • Non-contact time has been protected - As senior contact time is now 3 hrs, you will find yourself timetabled in a kāhui, or a junior class, for supervision of online learning. 
  • Gaps in the Junior class TT will be filled with relief teachers. 
  • Any questions or issues must come to not to the timetable bears.

Devices for Learning

All school owned devices have now been allocated.  Please continue to forward the names of girls without devices to Emma, as this will help us as we make resourcing decisions moving forward.  

Akina Time

For Year 9 tomorrow, the teacher in the second class needs to stay in that room for Akina Time. The students can zoom in and the staff member can also contact their group. Staff must make sure the girls in their class fill in the wellness form as this is key pastoral information. 

Kind regards,

Monday 18 May 2020

Kia ora staff, 

Please play this link with the three messages for you to share with your Kahui Kaupapa today during Akina time.  

Students were sent a list of 5 Top Tips for Returning which you can see on our website.

It is important that staff do not provide food for students during Level 2, unless it is part of our whole school plan. Email Amanda if you have concerns about girls being hungry.

Please complete student attendance in the morning and during block 3 on the Smartsheet. Email Catherine if you have any problems with this.

If you have a student in your Kahui Kaupapa who feels they are in the incorrect place, please phone or email Catherine Kelsey or Emma Jensen and they will come to you. No students are to wander the school during class time without a staff escort.

Have a great day.


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