Give your daughter an education which will allow her individual strengths to blossom


Here at Hastings Girls’ High School, each girl takes centre stage as we shape her educational experience to best meet her learning needs.

Choosing the right school for your daughter is about finding the place that encourages her to be her best self. Join us on this educational journey in building resilient, strong, confident and connected life-long learners. Working together, we value the relationships between students, school and whanau. We continually strive to strengthen these relationships to ensure the best possible learning outcomes for our young women of today.

We are proud to be the largest girls’ school in the wider Hastings district that consistently achieves academic results above the national average. Our curriculum provides a vast array of learning opportunities responding to the individual needs of every student. Girls are inspired to be kind, respectful, and to succeed in every endeavour.

I feel privileged to be the Principal of a school that celebrates diversity, embraces inclusiveness and has a rich and valued history. In knowing our girl and supporting her in her learning today, she will be best prepared for her tomorrow.

Catherine Bentley

Why Choose Hastings Girl's High School

Why choose Hastings Girls’ High School

To give your daughter an education which will allow her individual strengths to blossom. Hastings Girls’ High School is an extremely well-resourced school which offers first class academic opportunities to enable our learners to be prepared and excited about tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges.

At our place, female leaders are the standard, not the exception, therefore every decision is based around what is important and works best for girls. Inspiration is what we offer and we empower our learners to make this journey their own.

Our girls have a reputation of being open-minded, inclusive and culturally responsive. This mindset sets her apart, equipping her for the real world.


At Hastings Girls’ High School, we are learner-centred, meaning that we always place the girls' needs at the centre of what we do and how we do it. We are blessed with a diversity of girls in tradition, in background, in culture and aspirations. It is our job to inspire every girl to be the best she can be.

We encourage girls to discover and celebrate their own cultural identity. We foster collaboration, teaching the girls to be confident, resilient, empathetic, responsible and innovative.

Our pastoral care sees students and staff work together: setting learning goals, being reflective and responsive and celebrating success along the way.

Hastings Girls’ High School is a unique place for your daughter to be educated.

The Continuous Journey of Learning

Hastings Girls’ High School offers a curriculum which extends beyond the classroom. We challenge all girls to be part of exploring, developing skills, trying, sometimes failing and always learning.

Hastings Girls' High School has a proud sporting and cultural history.

We know that through participating and contributing beyond the classroom, a girl develops a strong sense of belonging which positively impacts on her success in all areas of school life.

In being involved she develops confidence, self-respect and leadership.

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