Sports Guidelines & Code of Conduct

All HGHS students involved in sports are reminded that academic achievement is our highest priority. Sport is not a right, it is a privilege. All students involved with sports are expected to attend school with a positive attitude and committed effort towards their studies. HGHS Sports is built upon mutual respect for all, every interaction in our programme will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved, regardless of their gender, ability or cultural background.

This guideline is to provide a tool for teachers in charge (TIC's), managers and coaches to use when selecting players for game day. The following things should be taken into consideration, but not limited to:

  • students should have an acceptable attendance level in order to play. If you are not at school on the day of your game, then you will not be able to play
  • students should be attending training. No training, no game time (unless a valid reason is provided eg. tangi, or the student only able to attend one training per week due to choir practice commitments)
  • students' sports fees should be paid. No fee, no play (unless a payment arrangement is in place). We also have a financial grant available that students can apply for, so fees should not be an issue
  • preferably, all students should have some game time, or at least a rotating substitute system to ensure that everyone gets a game
  • students should be communicating with their TIC's, coaches & managers if they cannot make it to training or the games. They should not be relying on other students to pass on these messages. The student must take responsibility for themselves.
  • students' behaviour both within school and in sports should be acceptable at all times. Any student causing any issues for a team manager or coach should be addressed with the TIC and/or Director of Sports

As a HGHS student I will:

  • Enjoy playing sport, have fun and partake in healthy competition
  • Respect all officials, teammates, coaches, supporters and opponents
  • Commit to every training session, fixture and tournament that I am selected for
  • Play by the rules of my sport at all times
  • Work as hard as I possibly can in everything that I do
  • Be punctual to every training session and fixture
  • Ensure I wear the apparel that I have been requested to wear
  • Communicate directly with my coach/TIC if I am unable to attend fixtures or training
  • Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat
  • Represent my school with the utmost pride, dignity, honesty and loyalty
  • Never give up

As a HGHS coach I will:

  • Enjoy being involved in sport
  • Respect all officials, colleagues, coaches, players, supporters and opponents
  • Place the safety and welfare of my players/athletes before anything else
  • Be a positive role model at all times for my players/athletes
  • Be honest and fair with all team selections
  • Organise and plan training sessions for the betterment of my players/athletes

As a HGHS supporter I will:

  • Respect all staff, officials, players, coaches, supporters and opponents
  • Not enter the field of play, unless requested to do so by an official
  • Observe all fixtures without questioning the decisions of coaches and officials
  • Take time to thank the coach and all volunteers who are giving others a chance to participate in a positive activity
  • Display a positive attitude at every game and be a role model for others

Student Contract:

  • I agree to attend all required meetings, training sessions, and be available for all designated games
  • I agree to always be on time and will notify my coach in advance if I am going to be late
  • I agree to inform my Coach, Manager or Teacher In Charge of any circumstance if am unable to attend
  • I agree to conform to the rules of the game, and student code of conduct at all times
  • I agree to my photo being used for publicity purposes. Write in the comments box above if you do not agree
  • I agree to my name, phone number and address being circulated amongst Coaches, Managers and the TIC
  • I will represent Hastings Girls' High School with pride and wear the correct uniform proudly
  • I agree to follow the school code of conduct at all times
  • I agree to return any sports uniform and equipment immediately after the tournament/competition

Parent/Caregiver Contract:

  • I give consent for my child to play sport for Hastings' Girls High School
  • I agree to support my daughter in Sport at Hastings Girls' High School by allowing my initial contact details to be shared with the Coaches, Managers and TIC
  • I understand all fees are payable prior to participation in competition. Non-refundable. This is review-able at the discretion of the TIC
  • I agree to ensure my daughter will adhere to their above contract
  • I understand that where possible transport will be arranged for girls who are playing games immediately after school (3.10pm-5pm). I understand that girls playing later than this will need to organise their own transport and that I am required to collect/arrange collection from the event at the end of each game/match. Transport will be provided for all sporting events that take place during school hours (unless specified otherwise)
  • If a specific tournament or event is scheduled during school time, I give permission for my daughter to represent the School during that time (Information regarding such events is always given in advance with parental signoff at that time)
  • I understand and agree that during the season it may be necessary for my daughter to travel to venues outside of school, and occasionally leave school prior to 3.10pm due to time constraints


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