Below is the information on all the subjects offered at Year 10. Some Year 10 also have the opportunity to take one or more NCEA Level 1 subjects. Please talk to your subject teacher and Akina Coach about this. There will be an opportunity for you to select these.

Business Studies

This course allows students the chance to explore the business world. Students will choose a business and apply their learning to a business in a real world setting. They will complete project style work throughout the year and will build up a portfolio about their business.

Skills I will learn and develop in Year 10

  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Independent and innovative thinking
  • Statistical numeracy skills
  • Graphing skills
  • Team work skills
  • Report Writing


This course is an opportunity for you to explore the areas of Performing Arts that interest you. There will be a range of topics and activities on offer and you can choose a selection from the options available. The course will follow the Year 10 Performing Arts curriculum.

Skills I will learn and develop in Year 10

  • Collaboration and effective group work
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Innovation
  • Confidence
  • How to express myself

Topics I can choose from (you don’t have to do them all, you can take part in the ones that interest you)

  • Perform a part of a script using drama techniques
  • Perform a dance sequence
  • Devise and perform a drama piece
  • Create dance choreography
  • Direct a play or teach others dance moves
  • Research and explore different dance styles
  • Research and explore different theatre forms/styles of acting
  • Stage make-up - how to design a look and apply it to a face
  • Costume design - design a costume for a performance
  • Lighting and sound and how to use them in a performance
  • Create a prop for an actor or a dancer


This course will be a continuation of topics from Year 9 with an emphasis on providing a positive pathway into Level 1 English. Year 10 will further develop students’ enjoyment of the English language and a variety of written and visual texts which explore culture, society and who we are as human beings.

Skills I will learn and develop in Year 10

  • Creative thinking
  • Collaboration and working effectively with others
  • Increased understanding of how texts are shaped for different purposes and audience
  • Speaking with confidence

Topics I will cover

Novel study, film study, short texts study, writing skills, both creative and formal, speech presentation

Health and Physical Education

This course will be a continuation of topics from Year 9 with an emphasis on providing a positive pathway into Level 1 Physical Education. There will also be an opportunity to apply and broaden knowledge learned through some out of school activities.

Skills I will learn and develop in Year 10

  • Leadership and Interpersonal skills
  • Confidence
  • Problem solving
  • Relating to Others
  • Managing Self
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Social Responsibility
  • Movement Concepts and Motor Skills
  • Inquiry Skills

Topics I will cover

Swimming and Water Safety, athletics, team building, games creation, sport education model, food and nutrition, outdoor education, fitness/goal setting, sexuality/gender in sports, body care and physical safety, health promotion

High Performance Sports

This course will be a continuation of topics from Year 9 with an emphasis on providing a positive pathway into Level 1 Physical Education. There will also be an opportunity to apply and broaden knowledge learned through more out of school activities.

Skills I will learn and develop in Year 10

  • Leadership and working with others
  • Confidence
  • Problem solving
  • Collaboration and working in a group situation/team
  • Start to understand the anatomy and physiology of the body and how that can be applied to different sporting situations
  • Understanding of different systems in the body and why they are important

Topics I will cover

Goal setting, leadership, injury prevention, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, fitness testing, mental preparation, energy systems


The course will follow the New Zealand Curriculum for Mathematics at the appropriate curriculum level for each student.

Why study Mathematics?
To develop the ability to think:

  • Creatively
  • Critically
  • Strategically
  • Logically

To be a problem solver.


In Year 10 Music there is a big focus on learning through our voice. We will be studying a range of contemporary artists from different genres including R'n'B, Pop, Musical Theatre, Film, Traditional and Contemporary Maori, Polynesian and Classical. Each class will involve practical group singing activities; learning first how to develop good vocal technique and then moving on to develop ensemble awareness. Year 10 Music will be involved in lots of exciting performance projects such as the 2021 Musical Production at Toitoi Opera House and Hawkes Bay Arts Festival. While working on these vocal projects, Year 10 Music students will also learn how to compose original songs, learn how to use music technology to create, record and arrange original works, learn about different Music genres through analysis, become confident with reading music scores and working with industry professionals. All Year 10 Music students will be well positioned to develop NCEA Level 1 performance standards through the Year 10 coursework.

Skills I will learn and develop in Year 10

  • Group (choral) and solo vocal technique
  • Collaboration and group performance awareness
  • Rehearsing and performing in venues such as Hastings Opera House
  • Working with an accompanist and/or backing band
  • Aural analysis
  • Reading sheet music (lead charts, vocal scores, guitar tab, piano scores)

Topics I will cover

Practical vocal and instrumental accompaniment (keyboard and/or guitar), ensemble performance, theory of music, musical theatre, pop, R'n'B, classical, traditional and contemporary Polynesian, vocal music, traditional and contemporary Māori vocal music, music technology, songwriting


This course will follow Levels 4-5 of Science in the New Zealand curriculum.

Science is all around us and is a part of all that we do. Included in this course is making an electric dolls house, figuring out the genetic reasons for why we are all different, the chemistry of the kitchen and colour and so much more. Science is about how to apply what we learn in class to everyday life. Prepare to learn, to ask questions, to be curious, to persevere.

Skills I will learn and develop in Year 10

  • Understanding how scientific investigations lead to current theories and how this is based on logical argument
  • Investigations based on the scientific method and fair testing
  • Communication in Science and how it occurs in a variety of ways with particular vocabulary and symbols
  • Participating and contributing in Science and how that it extends into everyday life
Topics I will cover
  • Medical Science
  • Force and Motion
  • Genetics
  • Geology
  • Acids and Bases
  • Electricity


Social Studies is the study of society and the manner in which people behave and influence the world around us. We will learn about the world beyond our immediate experience, and how our society works. We will explore contexts from the past, present and future, from within and beyond New Zealand.

Skills I will learn and develop in Year 10

  • Understanding the social science concepts of society, culture, change, perspectives, rights, values and social justice
  • Researching and analysing information from different sources
  • How to express, justify and defend orally and in writing a personal opinion about issues, problems or events
  • Contributing to group and exploratory discussions, and taking part in formal debates
  • Negotiating, making decisions and taking part in school-based activities
  • Reflecting on the process of participating

Topics I will cover

  • Turangawaewae and Migration
  • Politics and Participation
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Poverty and Social Awareness
  • Human Rights and Global Awareness


Teaching Spanish from culture
“Languages are inseparably linked to the social and cultural contexts in which they are used. Languages and culture play a key role in developing our personal, group, national and human identities. Every language has its own ways of expressing meanings: each has intrinsic value and special significance for its users.

As students acquire the skills of communicative competence, they simultaneously explore and reflect on their own personal world and their own culture. By reaching out, they also reach within.”

Skills I will learn and develop in Year 10

  • Becoming confident in communicating in Spanish in a range of everyday situations
  • Understanding and acceptance of Spanish language and culture, how Spanish and Latin American people act and think
  • Promote tolerance and positive attitudes between people of different linguistic, cultural, and national backgrounds
  • Understandings, and attitudes which facilitate the learning of other languages

Topics I will cover

  • Greet, farewell, and thank people
  • Introduce themselves and others
  • Recognise and respond to greetings, farewells, introductions, and thanks
  • Ask for and respond to simple personal information
  • Involvement in cultural activities such as dance, music and food


Junior students can opt for a place in the Design and Innovation Kāhui Kaupapa, or be part of the wider Junior Technology programme. Studying technology subjects gives you tools to become an innovator in our changing world. You will develop skills and understanding as a technologist so that you can be a creator, not just a consumer, of technological products.

You will choose two areas of technology that you wish to pursue out of the following options:

Product Design
This is a combination of Design and Visual Communication and Hard Materials. Students will develop skills in three-dimensional design and learn techniques to communicate these visually. Students will also have opportunities to develop skills using a a laser cutter, 3D printers and a range of tools and equipment in the workshop.

Food Products
Students will work collaboratively to create food products. They will develop practical skills through the production of a range of products.

Digital Products
Students will try out a range of digital technologies such as animation, 3D modelling and augmented reality. You will begin to develop skills and understanding of how different software and hardware systems work.

Textile Products
Develop textile and fashion related skills and knowledge. Try out a range of different textile techniques such as felting and weaving, learn to use the sewing machine, read patterns and manipulate materials to create new items.

Skills I will learn and develop in Year 10

  • Self-management and organisation
  • Creative and computational thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Collaboration and group work strategies
  • Critical thinking
  • Innovation and adaptation techniques
  • Technological modelling and visual literacy
  • Confidence in a range of technological areas
Topics I will cover
  • Technological and design processes and their use in technology projects
  • Development of outcomes across a range of projects
  • Planning and resourcing as appropriate for the context of a project
  • Manipulation of materials and ingredients in the creation of an outcome


Te Kakano

Ngā Pukenga: You will

  • Learn how to say something rather than only using the language for communication
  • Participate in Te Ao Māori through noho marae that inspire an interest in our fabulous region Ngati Kahungunu
  • Learn a range of phrases you can use every day
  • Learn about customs that are at the heart of knowing what it means to be Māori
  • Learn haka, waiata and karakia you can use for any occasion
  • Experience Māori Performing Arts as part of your Performing Arts block


The course will follow the Year 10 Visual Arts curriculum and will include visual art elements, techniques and conventions. A range of visual art aspects will be covered such as:

  • the importance of looking at nature and objects around us as a source of ideas for visual art projects
  • how great artworks are a product of the time and place they are created in

Students will develop a variety of skills and techniques for the production of objects and images.

Skills I will learn and develop in Year 10

  • Collaboration and effective group work
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Innovation
  • Confidence
  • How to use established practice in the production of artwork
  • How to generate, develop, and refine ideas
  • How to understand art in context

Topics I will cover

Use nature as a source of imagery for drawing, painting, printmaking, design and photography.  Study artists’ sculptural work and test their techniques in student’s own sculpture. Present a workbook which shows the process of generation, development and refinement of ideas in an artwork