Welcome to Hastings Girls’ High School.

For more than half a century we have been providing quality education for the young women of greater Hastings. Over that time we have built up a great deal of expertise about what girls want and what girls need.

Girls want a safe, comfortable secure environment, where they can be themselves and be affirmed as young women. They want to know that they will be listened to, known and valued as unique individuals.

To be prepared for life in the 21st century girls require a school with a strong academic focus and lots of choice. Girls need to be able to stretch themselves academically, culturally and physically, through exposure to strong role models and new and exciting opportunities.

At Hastings Girls’ High School girls are number one! We do not have to artificially apportion our time and resources between the two sexes. 

Our sole focus is developing the full potential of the young women entrusted to our care.

We are committed to developing a strong sense of pride and belonging by serving the needs of our community and by celebrating our numerous successes together.

Geraldine Travers