2020 Student Study Leave

If you would like to request study leave, please complete the below form.  Your request will be reviewed by the Senior Leadership Team and Academic Deans.

You will be notified of the outcome via an email from an Academic Dean or a face-to-face meeting.

Requests close at 3pm Friday 16 October 2020.

2021 Course Selection

Junior Subject Pathways

Our goal at HGHS is for you to be engaged, to be inspired and to be creative in your learning as you develop values, skills and knowledge in Year 9 and 10. Some of our learning areas will be new to you and you will enjoy the challenge of these. Others you will have developed an interest in already and we know that you will enjoy furthering your skills and inquiry. 

All students will take seven learning areas as a class or hub. There are then opportunities for students to select subjects of interest or passion. Within the curriculum we also offer all junior students the chance to be part of Mana Wahine, our Māori performing arts group. Junior students have at least one Kāhui Kaupapa a cycle in which they have mentoring to support their study.

Please read over the information in the link below with your Akina Coach and whānau. These are the subjects you have to choose from for next year. Year 9 will be able to make their selection from Monday 19 October - Thursday 22 October 2020. Year 8 subject choices are made at your enrolment interview.

Senior Subject Pathways

Cling to the main vine, not the loose one.
Kei hopu tōu ringa kei te aka tāepa, engari kia mau te aka matua

Our NCEA level courses are designed around the whakatauki above and with students' interests and passions at the centre. We want our students to develop robust knowledge, capabilities and skills in a breadth of subject areas, and grow as critical thinkers and good communicators. Students choose pathways that ensure that all future doors are open to them, and that they can contribute to society confidently and with value. 

It is important to us at HGHS that you as a student are at the centre of decisions made
about your NCEA pathway. The information on our website will help you with advice around choosing your subjects for 2021, who to ask for help, and details of the courses in different learning areas.

Each learning area gives you information on the pathways they offer and what careers or
next steps they connect with. It is important that you read it carefully, discuss with your
family, whānau, aiga and with Akina Coaches and contact Mrs Kelsey, DP Curriculum, if you have any further questions.

The 2021 updated course information is available in the link below:

Senior Subject Selection

Course selection closed on Friday 18th September. Students will now need to see their House or Academic Dean. 

Kāhui Kaupapa

Senior courses are taught directly in two 100 minute classes a week. On a Friday all senior students work in a Kāhui Kaupapa. This allows them to direct and plan their learning for the day - completing large internals, work in small tutorial groups or 1-1 with teachers and peers, use practical areas such as art rooms, science labs, music rooms and the food science room for longer practical's. Teachers provide mentoring and guidance preparing students for tertiary study. Careers and University advice, scholarship teaching, financial literacy, EIT trades are amongst some of the other opportunities offered on a Friday.

Feedback from Senior Students:

"We loved that we could get help from each other as well as the teacher."
"We loved the fact we could email teachers and get 1-2-1 help."
'‘We loved the longer time to get internals completed."


We are committed to finding better ways of engaging both students and whānau more regularly and personally in the learning journey that we offer at HGHS, so we are investing in a more interpersonal approach, led by our Akina Coach, who is committed to their 'team' of girls and their stories and with whom whānau can more regularly communicate. Akina Coaches are primarily concerned with the overall picture of a student’s journey.

The purpose of the Senior Progress Hui held on Thursday 13 August, 2.30-6.00pm was to build a stronger relationship with whānau and communicate our girl’s progress to date with her and her whānau, as well as shaping a plan for the subject-specific Pathways Hui.

The purpose of the Pathways Hui held on Friday 28 August, 9.30-11.30am was for our girl (and her whānau) to have the opportunity to put into action a plan in consultation with subject area experts who know the curriculum and checkpoints she will need to meet.

Reports - Key to Terms

Novice - new to the content and still working on a basic level of understanding and practise of the desired capabilities.
Apprentice - beginning to make progress in their understanding and practise of the desired capabilities.
Practitioner - has a solid grasp of the fundamentals and practises most of the desired capabilities, most of the time.
Expert - is confident and consistent in their understanding of academic content and their practise of desired capabilities.

Junior Students

Term 1 

  • Contact with parents through email/ Year 9 BBQ
  • Progress report on Yr 9 and 10 and Key Competencies - due March 12th 

Term 2 

  • Written reports for Juniors - Due Weds 24th June
  • Parent Hui Weds 1st July

Term 3

  • Progress Check report - Key Competencies Mid August
Term 4 
  • Written reports Juniors  - Dec 3rd 

NCEA Students

Term 1 

  • Contact home via email sharing course outlines and introducing teacher
  • Goal setting/NCEA Workshops Day - Thursday March 19th 9-3pm
  • Progress Reports due April 8th

Term 2

  • Senior Reports Due 26th MayNCEA Progress Credit tracking sheet 26th May and 26th June 

Term 3 

  • NCEA Tracking sheet week 5 Report 24th September
  • Parent Hui week 9 post benchmarks 

Term 4 

  • NCEA Progress sheet week 1