Year 9 Cross-curricular steam class

Attention all Year 9 Students and Whanau

We are excited to be able to offer your daughter an innovative learning opportunity for the rest of her Year 9 2019. Due to our roll growth in Year 9, we have decided to open a sixth class for our current Year 9 students. This will provide smaller class sizes across year 9 for all students, and aims to give students an opportunity to opt into a STEAM, cross-curricular learning hub.

As a school we are committed to the development of a rich curriculum with a focus on the skills, values and knowledge both within and across learning areas. At the heart of our curriculum is community engagement, a focus on Hauora, key competencies, and a development of literacy and numeracy skills for each girl. The big questions asked are designed to develop curiosity, critical thinking, a sense of social justice and reflective learning. Underpinning this redesigned Junior Curriculum are values of diversity, leadership and excellence. This new Year 9 class will be for girls who enjoy a collaborative problem solving approach to learning.

What would this look like for your daughter?

  • Contexts and questions for learning that connect to a current real world problem.
  • One teacher and the same group of students for all subjects (excluding options and Technology and Performing Arts and PE).
  • For much of the day learning will be inquiry focused, collaborative and guided by a teacher skilled in delivering this type of curriculum.
  • Empirical skills of Mathematics, Science, English and Social Studies will be taught as part of the inquiry.
  • Use of Digital Technology for learning.

How does the process work?

  • Students apply to get into this class using the application form.
  • Hand the form into the office by Wednesday 27th March.
  • Students will be a mix from all houses and all levels of learning.
  • The class will open in April.

If you have any questions regarding this class please get in touch with Catherine Kelsey on ext 825 or ky@hastingsgirls.com


Catherine Kelsey
Assistant Principal


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