Student Information


Kawa o te Kura - Our school rules


“Eating together as a school whānau”

  1. Take only your share

  2. All rubbish in the bins

  3. Please be kind - Thank you

  4. Try it, you may like it!

  5. Trust that we are giving you the best we can.


“Arriving on time ready to learn”

  1. 90+% for all students

  2. If you are going to be away make sure whānau informs the school.

  3. Late to school, you must sign in at the student centre

  4. All attendance is monitored by the school

  5. Great attendance is a habit. Start yours now.

Health and Safety

“Looking after each other and the school”

  1. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

  2. Have respect for property both yours and the school.

  3. You are responsible for anything you bring to school.

Personal Property

“This is your individual responsibility”

  1. Clearly name your property.

  2. School is not responsible for any of your property e.g. Cellphones 

  3. It is your responsibility to place your cellphone in the sleeve provided in your classroom.


“Wearing your uniform with pride”

  1. Correct uniform is required at all times

  2. Piercings - one nostril piercing and ears

  3. One item of cultural significance can be worn

  4. Hair must be tied up when required for health and safety

  5. Tumuaki makes final decision around what is acceptable and unacceptable

School News

Rangatahi Pānui

On Monday 30 January we begin our school year by welcoming all our new students and their whānau to our school with a pōwhiri.  Year 9s, and other new students plus whānau are to meet in the bus Read more

Rangatahi Pānui

On Monday 30 January we begin our school year by welcoming all our new students and their whānau to our school with a pōwhiri.  Year 9s, and other new students plus whānau are to meet in the bus Read more

Rangatahi Pānui

If you are interested in joining the ‘Te Huia Kaimanawa’ (Māori Student Council) in 2023, please complete the link by Friday 10 February. Te Huia Kaimanawa Form A selection process will thenRead more

Rangatahi Pānui

A reminder that Junior Sports Awards will be awarded at the Junior Assembly on Monday 5 December in the Hall during Ākina time (10.15am). Junior students receiving their awards have been notifiedRead more

Rangatahi Pānui

HGHS Accord Days Year 9 & 10 Students Secondary Teacher ACCORD days will take place on Monday 21 November and Monday 28 November. The ACCORD days are looking at the introduction of the new NCEARead more

Rangatahi Pānui

Monday - Teacher only day Tuesday - Trip to Ocean Spa. Please bring: togs, towel, walking clothes and shoes, morning tea, and a water bottle. Wednesday - Trip to the movies, a scavenger hunt inRead more

Rangatahi Pānui

The library is closed on Monday for Group 4 study leave groups. You are still permitted to study in the library Tuesday to Friday, but the expectation is that you increasingly study from home as weRead more

Rangatahi Pānui

- You must attend all your time-tabled classes and Ākina Time each day until your dean has signed you out. - You may not leave class in search of your Dean or another subject teacher during lessonRead more

Rangatahi Pānui

Fiafia PhotosRead more

Ākina Pasifika Fiafia photos

Read more

Rangitahi Pānui

The course selection forms for 2023 are now closed. If you wish to make changes to your hub, junior elective or senior option selections for 2023, please make an appointment with your Dean.Read more

Rangatahi Pānui

Please join us on Wednesday 26 October (Week 2) to meet again with your junior student's Hub Lead Teacher. School will finish at 12.20pm and hui booking slots will be from 2pm to 7pm. You needRead more


Please follow this link to The U Shop online for all information, including: shop hours, uniform regulations, price lists, etc.

Term Dates 2023

Term One

Monday 30 January - Thursday 6 April

   -   Year 9 and Year 13 only - Mon 30 Jan
   -   Year 9 and Year 13 Leaders only - Tues 31 Jan
   -   Year 9 and Year 10 only - Wed 1 Feb
   -   Year 9 and Year 10 only - Thurs 2 Feb
   -   Year 11, Year 12 and Year 13 only - Fri 3 Feb
   -   All students - Tuesday 7 Feb

  • Waitangi Day - Monday 6 February
  • Teacher Only Day - Thursday 6 April
  • Easter - Friday 7 April

Term Two

Monday 24 April - Friday 30 June 

  • ANZAC Day - Tuesday 25 April
  • King's Birthday - Monday 5 June
  • Teacher Only Day - Friday 30 June

Term Three

Monday 17 July - Friday 22 September

  • Teacher Only Day - Friday 22 September

Term Four

Monday 9 October - Friday 15 December

  • Hawke's Bay Anniversary - Friday 20 October
  • Labour Day - Monday 23 October

School Calendar

For more important dates, please click here to view the school calendar.

How to Print and Photocopy at School


  1. Send printing to Xerox-B&W on Hansen or Xerox-COLOUR on Hansen
  2. Go to one of the printers in the school - library, 20s block, Travers Centre, tech block. Take your timetable.
  3. Enter your student ID number (found on top left of your timetable) and your printing will be automatically released.


  1. Enter student ID number into printer/photocopier
  2. Press copy. 
  3. Lift top of photocopier and place the page face down, pushed to the top left. Close top of photocopier.
  4. Press start.

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