​Colours, love and new beginnings

Colours, love and new beginnings. These are things that we celebrated at the Holi Festival on the 29th of March 2019.  This festival of colours originates from India. It marks the end of winter and welcomes the spring season. It’s a time for everyone to get together and celebrate the start of new friendships.                                                                                                 .

This year I was really privileged to host the festival, which was really close to my heart because I was sharing the beauty of my culture to everyone. My goal for this year were to make the Holi Festival bigger and bolder than last year. I believe I achieved as more than 100 students signed up for it which was amazing to see. I was grateful that everything went according to plan and thankful for my friends, the Sabhyachar group and Gurleen who supported me throughout the way. The most beautiful thing to see that was many people from across all years groups, different ethnicity came together to celebrate Holi. Hopefully, in the future this will be an event that the entire school will be celebrating together. 


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