Our Responsive Curriculum at Hastings Girls'

Knowing your daughter’s story and catering to her specific learning needs is our 'why'

Putting our why at the heart of everything we do enables us to make the best decisions for our girls, whether it be in the classroom, on the sports field, or through one of our many performing arts opportunities. Everything we do is shaped around the strengths and interests of our students. 

In light of the recent global crisis and its impact on the school year, we have made some responsive decisions around our curriculum which allows students some flexibility around their learning pathways and continues to align with our strategic vision. Flexibility allows students to make choices and drive their own learning.

The return to school plan included conversations with individual students, and a Kāhui Kaupapa model for a week in which the students were able to reconnect with teachers, each other and their learning. 

The feedback from the girls was that they enjoyed the fact teachers were able to work one on one and run workshops, as well as having the time to  get things done and work with other students.  The Kāhui Kaupapa model we have shaped in response provides students with large blocks of teaching time, alongside targeted workshops, individual and collaborative learning spaces and most importantly, opportunity for students to direct their own learning. This model is centred around our vision with the girl at the centre of her learning, and aims to develop self management skills and confidence in students in their conversations around their learning. 

We believe the opportunity that this gives us as a school  to work with each individual student and their specific needs, will ensure success for all students this year. 


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