Student Voice: Karmi van der Merwe

Year 12

My name is Karmi. I am a year 12 student at Hastings Girls' High School. My experience at HGHS has been really enjoyable. When I was in intermediate I was warned about the terrible experience called high school, but HGHS has an amazing supportive staff and understanding teachers, all at the ready to help students in any way they can. 

During my time at HGHS I have had many opportunities to step out in leadership and grow in myself. I have been part of the Environmental Committee, School Council and many more things along that line. 

HGHS  also offered me many sports activities to be parts of as well, such as amazing hockey, volleyball and rugby teams. 

All of these things have helped me learn who I am and have made high school a really fun experience. 

I would definitely recommend HGHS to future students. The love and support given every step of the way guides us young girls into a brighter and better future. 


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