Please see below a summary of important events

We have a lot to look forward to before the end of the year. 

Lunches in Schools

  • We are working towards providing free lunches to students early next term.
  • Te Rourou is now closed, as we are renovating this space to prepare school lunches. It is really important that all students continue to bring their own lunch.  If you need to purchase lunch please do so prior to arriving at school.
  • We will let families know when lunches will be available. 
  • Watch for updates on our Facebook and website.

6 November

  • Final House Event - All students to participate in the school cross country / athletics mashup

12 November

  • Big Day Out
    We will host our 2021 Year 9 students at HGHS for the day, to meet some of our students and staff, and just generally have fun, so that they feel welcome starting in Term One next year.

 16 November

  • NCEA External Examinations begin

25 November

  • Teacher only day

2 December

  • Year 9 Ocean Spa Day

3 December

  • Junior Reports - Sent out to whānau via email

4 December

  • Year 10 Splash Planet Day

7 December

  • Junior Prizegiving in the morning 
  • Final day for juniors

8 December

  • Senior Prizegiving in the evening
  • Final day for seniors

9 December

  • Year 13 Leavers Dinner - Tickets on sale now at the Student Centre

Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable break, ahead of a busy Term Four.


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