Rangatahi Pānui

Week 2 Term Two

Te Rōpū Manu Huia Regional Competition

After months of preparation, our rangatahi performed today in the regional Kapa Haka competition, in the hopes of qualifying for the nationals.  Their performance was absolutely outstanding.  As we publish this, the results are yet to be announced.  Please keep an eye on your HGHS Facebook feed, we hope to have news later this evening.

Ākina Group Focus

Over the next few weeks, senior students will be working alongside their Ākina coach to map out the progress they are making towards their learning goal. It is important students know exactly which standards they are currently working on, what is coming up, and how well they are progressing towards their goal. Through regular conversations with their Ākina coach, students will develop their planning skills and understanding of NCEA. Your student should have a copy of their 'My Smart Passport' which they can use to track their achievement.

Teacher Only Day

A reminder that we have a Teacher Only Day on this Wednesday, May 19. The school will not be open for instruction.

Health and Safety - Bus Bay

Please do not use the school bus bay as a drop off area in the mornings. It is essential that this area is left free for buses to access both before and after school.

Upcoming Sports

Saturday 15th May
Junior netball at Mitre10 Park (Sports Park)
HGHS Junior A vs NGHS 10A @ 10am (Court12)
HGHS Junior A vs HNHS Junior Prems @ 11am (Court6)
HGHS Manuka vs Wairoa Junior A @ 10.30am (Court4)
HGHS Junior B vs Taikura Juniors @ 10.30am (Court6)
HGHS Manuka vs Taikura Juniors @ 11.30am (Court4)
HGHS Junior B vs Iona Junior C @ 11.30am (Court7)
HGHS Kowhai vs THS Junior Gold @ 10.30am (Court1)
HGHS Nikau vs CHBC Junior C @ 10.30am (Court2)
HGHS Kahikatea vs SHC Junior Blue @ 10.30am (Court3)
HGHS Kowhai vs CHBC Junior C @ 11.30am (Court1)
HGHS Nikau vs HGHS Kahikatea @ 11.30am (Court3)

Saturday 15th May
Senior netball at Mitre10 Park (Sports Park)
HGHS Senior B vs SHC Premier @ 8am (Court6)
HGHS Senior B vs NGHS Senior B @ 9.30am Court13)
HGHS Kakapo vs CHBC Senior A @ 10am (Court16)
HGHS Takahe vs KHS Tasman @ 10am (Court17)
HGHS Takahe vs HGHS Kakapo @ 11am (Court17)
HGHS Kereru vs SJMGC 11B @ 11am (Court1)

Monday 17th May
Junior basketball at Taradale High School
HGHS Juniors vs Wairoa College Juniors @ 6pm

Tuesday 18th May
Netball Senior A at Pettigrew Green Arena
HGHS Senior A vs Woodford Snr Prem @ 4.30pm

Wednesday 19th May
Senior basketball at Pettigrew Green Arena - [TBC]

Wednesday 19th May
HGHS 1st XI vs HNHS 4pm @ HNHS - [TBC]
HGHS 2nd XI vs KHS Yr13 4pm @ HGHS 1 - [TBC]
HGHS 3rd XI vs NGHS Soc @4pm @ Marewa 2

Thursday 20th May
1st XI Hockey at UHS1
HGHS 1st XI vs Woodford @ 5.30pm

Thursday 20th May
HGHS B2 vs SHC A1 @ Sacred Heart College
HGHS B1 vs SHC A2 @ Sacred Heart College
HGHS C2 vs Woodford College Black @ HGHS
HGHS C1 vs HNHS C2 @ Havelock North High School
HGHS C3 vs Woodford College White @ HGHS
HGHS D2 vs Karamu D1 @ HGHS
HGHS D1 vs Taikura Rudolf Steiner School D1 @ Taikura Rudolf Steiner School - TRSS

Friday 21st May
Netball Super8 at Sacred Heart College (Court 1)
HGHS Senior A vs HHSOG: Three Wise Birds Kereru @ 6pm


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