Rangatahi Pānui

Week 9 Term Two

Open Evening

We welcome Year 8 students and their whānau to come along to our Open Evening, 6pm on Wednesday 11 August, at the school hall.

Make a note on your calendars! We look forward to seeing you there!

Year 9 Hub Information Evening

Tuesday 6th July 6-7pm School Staffroom. This is for Year 9 whānau and akonga who would like more information on the Junior Hubs in 2022.

Junior Reports

Junior school reports will be emailed out next week.  If you have any questions please contact your Ākina Coaches directly.

Frimley Gate

We will be shutting the Frimley gate in the morning at the start of the day and unlocking at the end of the day. This is so that we do not have any public access during the day as all visitors must sign in at the office. Please remember the process if you are late to school for whatever reason you must sign in at the student centre. Also if you are signing out you must also sign out at the student centre.


From Term Three the Student Centre will only be printing timetables for students who do not have a device.  Students can find their timetable information by signing into Kamar.  If they are unsure on how to do this they can speak with their Ākina Coach.


We are now heading into the colder months.  Please ensure that all students have the correct uniform, so that they are warm and dry, both at school and on the way to and from.  From Term Three all students are to be in correct uniform.  If for any reason, this is impossible for you please contact Amanda Greville ge@hastingsgirls.com

Remember no socks with sandals.

The U Shop has jackets. The shop is open from 3pm until 5pm Monday to Thursday and on Saturday is the 3rd of July. Reminder that the shop is now located at Unit 2, 304 Eastbourne Street West, Hastings.

School Holiday Uniform Shop Hours

Thursday 22nd July 10am - 2pm.  

Saturday 24 July 10am - 2pm.

Upcoming Sports

Friday 2nd July
Senior A netball (Super8) at Pettigrew Green Arena
HGHS Senior A vs HHSOG: BM Accounting Huia @ 6pm (Court1)

Saturday 3rd July
Junior netball at Mitre10 Park (Sports Park)
HGHS Junior A vs Iona Junior A @ 10am (Court8)
HGHS Nikau vs vs SHC Junior Red @ 10am (Court9)
HGHS Junior B vs Woodford Jnr Dev @ 10am (Court12)
HGHS Manuka vs Iona Junior C @ 8am (Court11)
HGHS Kowhai vs Te Ara Hou1 @ 8am (Court17)
HGHS Kahikatea vs CHBC Junior C @ 10am (Court14)

Senior netball at Mitre10 Park (Sports Park)
HGHS Senior B vs NGHS Junior A @ 11am (Court6)
HGHS Kakapo vs NGHS 12A @ 10am (Court7)
HGHS Takahe vs HNHS Senior C @ 8am (Court4)
HGHS Kereru vs Iona College Dev @ 8am (Court3)

Monday 5th July
Junior basketball 
HGHS Juniors vs Hukarere Juniors = HGHS wins by default

Monday 5th July
U18 rugby at Elwood Park (HRS rugby club)
HGHS vs Manukura @ 3.10pm

Tuesday 6th July
Senior netball (Super12) at Pettigrew Green Arena
HGHS Senior A vs Iona College Premier @ 4.30pm (Court2)

Wednesday 7th July
HGHS Senior basketball = BYE

Wednesday 7th July
Football at 4pm
HGHS 1st XI vs SHC 1st XI @ Colenso
HGHS 2nd XI vs KHS Yr13 @ KHS2
HGHS 3rd XI vs NGHS Social @ Marewa2

Thursday 7th July
Hockey at UHS1
HGHS 1st XI vs Woodford 1st XI @ 4.15pm

Thursday 7th July
Netball College Day tournament @ Sports Park
Note: HGHS Junior A & Junior B will be competing. Draw TBA.

Thursday 7thJuly
Badminton at 4pm
HGHS B1 vs Sacred Heart B2 @ HGHS
HGHS B2 vs Sacred Heart B1 @ HGHS
HGHS C1 vs Hukarere C @ HGHS
HGHS C3 vs Taradale C1 @ THS
HGHS D1 vs Wairoa College = HGHS WIN BY DEFAULT
HGHS D2 vs Taradale D2 @ THS

Friday 8th July
Senior A netball (Super8) at Pettigrew Green Arena
HGHS Senior A vs HHSOG: Three Wise Birds Kereru @ 6pm (Court1)

Friday 8th July
Rugby sevens time TBC
HGHS vs Gisborne Girls High School @ Gisborne


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