Rangatahi Pānui

Week 2 Term Three

Benchmark Examination Timetable

Please download the latest Benchmark Exam timetable here:

Please carefully check:
- when and where your exam is taking place (subject codes are the first three letters of that subject - i.e. Level 1 Samoan = 1 SAM on the timetable).
- if you have any clashes (two exams on at the same time) - if you find a clash, please email or talk to Mr Pera directly ASAP!

Then sign up for the space you would like to be in when NOT writing an exam on this form:

When not writing an exam, you must be in one of the classrooms shown on your exam timetable for that day and block. When there, you will be expected to be working on internal assessments or studying for your next exam. There is no study leave during Benchmark Exams.

Closer to the time you will get more information, tips and tricks to help you succeed. In the meantime, please contact Mr Pera with any questions you may have (email: pe@hastingsgirls.com).

Period Products have arrived

We are pleased to share that the Free Period Products initiative from the government has arrived. As of Monday students will be able to access free period products whenever they need them. Students can come to the student centre where the products are freely available from the cabinet outside Miss G office. Help yourselves.

Social Media Alert

We only have one Facebook and one Instagram account that is officially connected to our school. It has come to our attention that there are some fake accounts out there. We want you to be careful as they are asking students to send photos to use via social media. This is not ok and a breach of your privacy. Please be safe and if you have any concerns please come and talk to us.

Nan's Tōtara Tree

Congratulations Riana Foster Yr 9 who won the 13-18yr section for her story in the NZ Matariki Short Story Competition.  Read her story below. 

Open Evening

Thank you to the students who have offered to help out on the night. Could you return your permission slips and  please ensure your uniform is 100% correct and you are on time. 

Early Finish Preceding Open Evening

Please note that school will end early at 12.20 pm on Wednesday 11 August to accommodate Open Evening. The times of day for students follow:
0835 - Ākina Time
0850 - Block 1
0940 - Interval
1005 - Block 2
1055 - Brunch (students will receive their kai at this time)
1130 - Block 3
1220 - School Ends - the Flaxmere Bus will operate at this earlier time, but others will only arrive later at their usual times.

Farewell Kennedy Lincoln

A big farewell to Yr 13 Kennedy Lincoln who is leaving to do an AFS Student Exchange Scholarship in Canada.  She will be away for a year living with a host family in Montreal.  This was postponed last year due to Covid.  We wish her the best of luck.

Year 9 2022 Hubs and Electives

Please use the Hub and Elective Selection form here https://app.smartsheet.com/b/f... to add your 2022 choices.

Upcoming Sports

Friday 6th August

Senior A netball (Super8) at Pettigrew Green Arena

  • HGHS Senior A vs All In: Tremains Elusive @ 6pm (Court1)

Saturday 7th August

Junior netball at Mitre10 Park (Sports Park)

  • HGHS Junior A vs KHS Ruapehu @ 9am (Court6)
  • HGHS Nikau vs vs SHC Junior Blue @ 10am (Court7)
  • HGHS Kahikatea vs THS Junior Mixed @ 8am (Court11)
  • HGHS Junior B vs Taikura Juniors @ 8am (Court12)
  • HGHS Manuka vs Wairoa Junior A @10am (Court14)
  • HGHS Kowhai vs SHC Junior Green @ 8am (Court17)

Senior netball at Mitre10 Park (Sports Park)

  • HGHS Senior B vs NGHS Senior B1 @ 11am (Court6)
  • HGHS Kakapo vs HCS A @ 8am (Court8)
  • HGHS Takahe vs SJMGC 11A @ 10am (Court3)
  • HGHS Kereru vs KHS Erin @ 8am (Court4)

Monday 9th August

U18 Rugby in Taupo Nui a Tia College

  • HGHS vs Taupo Nui a Tia College @ 3.30PM

Junior basketball

  • Draw TBA

Tuesday 10th August

Football at 4pm

  • HGHS 1st XI vs HNHS 2nd XI @ Havelock North High School
    note: This match was rescheduled from an earlier date to Tuesday 10th August

Senior netball (Super12) at PGA

  • HGHS Senior A vs Karamu High School @ 4.30pm

Premier Women basketball at Hastings Sports Centre

  • HGHS vs The Cuzzys @ 8pm

Wednesday 11th August

Senior basketball


Football at 4pm

  • HGHS 1st XI vs HNHS 2nd XI @ HGHS1
  • HGHS 2nd XI vs KHS 2nd XI @ KHS1
  • HGHS 3rd XI vs KHS Yr13 @ HGHS2

Thursday 12th August


  • HGHS B1 vs WCC A1 @ William Colenso
  • HGHS B2 vs Taradale A2 @ Taradale
  • HGHS C1 vs Hukarere @ HGHS
  • HGHS C2 vs HGHS C3 @ HGHS
  • HGHS D1 vs NGHS Senior White @ HGHS
  • HGHS D2 vs Karamu D2 @ Karamu

Friday 13th August

Super8 netball at PGA

  • Draw TBC



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