Rangatahi Pānui

Term Two Week 1

Teachers' Only Day Monday 9 May 2022

This Monday's nationwide Secondary Schools, Teachers' Only Day, has been set aside to support teachers with the implementation of the changes to NCEA and the wider strengthening of place based curriculum.  If a student requires supervision, please contact their House Dean.  All students are encouraged to work from home.

Ākina Group Photos

Over the next few weeks, Ākina Group photos will be taken during Ākina Time.  Students need to check the notices daily to find out when it is their turn.  Please ensure uniforms are perfect on the day. Further information will be available on how to order photos.

Year 13 photos

As the Ākina Groups come through for their photos, we will also be taking the Year 13 individual photos, which will be used to update Kamar and in the school magazine at the end of the year.  We plan to take the group Year 13 photos later in the term, once the Ākina Group photos are completed. We will let the Year 13s know closer to the time.

Student Librarian

Expressions of Interest: If you are interested in being a Student Librarian, please go and see Mrs Williams in the Library or email her at hwi@hastingsgirls.com by Friday Week 2, Term 2.

Concussion Management Pathway 2022 - Parent & Teachers Pre-Season Briefing

As part of New Zealand Rugby’s Community Concussion Initiative, on Wednesday 11th May 7pm, NZRU will be hosting an online briefing session for Parents & Teachers ahead of the new rugby season. This session will provide some insights towards potential signs/symptoms of a concussion, as well as the necessary actions to take to ensure a player’s safe and timely return to learning and sport. This event will be ideal for parents/teachers who want to understand more about concussion related injuries, and the most appropriate recovery process for their children/students. 

The session will commence at 7pm and last approximately 30 minutes. Please register in advance through this link: https://nzrugby.zoom.us/meetin...

Winter Sports Fees

Just a friendly reminder that all winter sports fees must be paid as soon as possible. If you are unable to pay in full up front, please contact us to arrange a payment arrangement. Winter sports fees are listed in each sports on offer on the HGHS sports website here: https://www.hastingsgirls.com/...

Netball Coaches Wanted

We are in need of Netball coaches for the netball season as some of our HGHS Senior & Junior teams currently don't have a coach. If you're interested in coaching, please email our Director of Sport: sport@hastingsgirls.com

Winter Sports Uniform Collection

Please note the following sports teams should collect their sports uniforms from the Old Uniform Room (across from Room 50) at HGHS. The Sports Committee will hand out sports uniforms during morning tea & lunch times as per below:

Tuesday 10 May
- Hockey team to collect uniform
- Football teams to collect uniform

Wednesday 11 May
- Football teams to collect uniform
- Badminton teams to collect uniform

Thursday 12 May
- Badminton teams to collect uniform

If you have any sports uniform at home from any previous sports, please bring these back and return to Mr T.


Our sports teams have now been named for the 2022 Winter Sport season. Click on the relevant links below to view the HGHS team announcements. 

Badminton: https://www.hastingsgirls.com/...

Basketball: https://www.hastingsgirls.com/...

Football: https://www.hastingsgirls.com/...
NOTE: there are still spaces available for new Football players to join

Hockey: https://www.hastingsgirls.com/...
NOTE: there are still spaces available for new Hockey players to join

Netball: https://www.hastingsgirls.com/...
NOTE: due to the high volume of netball players who have not completed their registrations, there will likely be changes in the netball team announcement list

Rugby: https://www.hastingsgirls.com/...
NOTE: rugby teams are not announced until game day and this will be selected by the coach on a week by week basis

Upcoming Sports Games

Friday 6 May
Super 8 Netball at Pettigrew Green Arena @ 6pm
HGHS Senior A vs All In: Mavericks (Court 2)

Saturday 7 May
Secondary School Netball at Mitre10 Sports Park
HGHS 9B vs KHS Cook @ 8am (Court 3)
HGHS 9A vs HNHS 9A @ 8.30am (Court2)
HGHS 9A vs NGHS 9A1 @ 9am (Court2)
HGHS 10A vs Iona Junior A @ 9am (Court 8)
HGHS 10B vs NGHS 9A1 @ 9am (Court 10)
HGHS 9B vs NGHS 9 Blue @ 9am (Court 3)
HGHS 10B vs KHS Ruapehu @ 9.30am (Court 9)
HGHS 10A vs THS Jnr A @ 10.30am (Court 2)
HGHS Senior B vs KHS Tasman @ 10.30am (Court 7)
HGHS Senior D vs HCS A @ 10.30am (Court 8)
HGHS Senior C vs HNHS Senior B @ 11am (Court 5)
HGHS Senior B vs NGHS Senior B @ 11am (Court 11)
HGHS Senior D vs NGHS 12A @ 11.30am (Court 8)
HGHS Senior C vs NGHS Senior B2 @ 11.30am (Court 7)
note: each team will have 2x 20min grading games

Wednesday 11 May
HGHS Football at 4pm
HGHS 1st XI vs KHS 2nd XI @ KHS
HGHS 2nd XI vs CHB 1st XI @ HGHS

Wednesday 11 May
HGHS Rugby games will be held at Taradale Rugby Club fields @ 4pm
note: an optional skills session/warm up will be held from 3.30pm before the games

Wednesday 11 May
Senior Basketball at Pettigrew Green Arena
HGHS Seniors vs Wairoa College Seniors @ 4.30pm (Court 3)

Thursday 12 May
HGHS Hockey at Park Island: Big Save
HGHS 1st XI vs Sacred Heart 1st XI @ 6.30pm"

Important sports details for the next few weeks

Winter sports is about to start. See key details below:


Tuesday 10 May

  • Hockey team to collect uniform
  • Football teams to collect uniform
  • Badminton training on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at lunch time in gym
  • Football training on Tuesdays 3.30pm - 4.30pm
Wednesday 11 May
  • Badminton teams to collect uniform
  • Badminton training on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at lunch time in gym
  • Football games start
  • Rugby games start
  • Senior Basketball Division 1 games start
Thursday 12 May
  • Badminton teams to collect uniform
  • Hockey games start


Thursday 19 May
  • Badminton games start

Note: the Sports Committee and Sports Department will hand out the sports uniforms as per the dates above, during morning tea & lunch times at HGHS from the Old Uniform Room. Students, please check the daily notices for more details during school.

Sports Grant

Thanks to our friends at Apollo Projects, we have a grant available for students to apply for financial assistance with sports fees. The sports committee will make a decision based on the reasons outlined in the application. Please note your application will be anonymous. Click here to register: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/f...

Link to our School Calendar


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