Year 9 Electives 2024

Below are the Electives Year 9 students can choose from in 2024.
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Te Reo Māori - Te Kākano

Our introductory course explores Te Reo Māori me ōna Tikanga through the context of identity and tūrangawaewae. Students will be empowered by an in-depth exploration of who they are and where they come from. This course will introduce:

  • Pepeha

  • Whakapapa

  • Mai te kore ki te ao mārama

  • Taku tuakiri

  • Taku iwi, taku tūrangawaewae

Design and Visual Communication

Design is everywhere. It’s exciting, creative and ever-changing. Every product and space you use has been designed, from your toothbrush and your bathroom, to your tablet and your bedroom. Design and visual communication focuses on understanding and applying visual communication techniques and design practice to design objects, spaces and systems to improve the way we live.

Sport Science

This elective will give students the opportunity to understand how your body works and to learn how to train it to be better. Not only does the course help you to improve physically but will also look at goal setting and how to be strong mentally. 

The things that you will cover are: 

  • Anatomy of the body, e.g. muscles and bones

  • Components of fitness

  • Fitness testing

  • Nutrition

  • Goal setting

Media Technology

Media Technology is the use of digital technologies to compose, create, produce, deliver and manage media outcomes. You will use cutting edge Adobe software and practise the same skills that are used in industry.


This course will help you develop textile art and fashion related skills and knowledge. Try out a range of different textile art techniques such as felting, weaving and macramé and/or learn to use the sewing machine, read patterns and manipulate materials to create new items.

Te Ao Haka

This course provides a pathway into Level 1 Māori Performing Arts. Students who are passionate about Te Ao Haka are encouraged to explore this programme. Students will learn the fundamentals of:

  • Whanaungatanga

  • Tikanga

  • Waiata & movement

  • Ko wai au? - Who am I? (Identity)

  • Whakapapa

  • Sustainability


Drama students will express themselves, share their identity, and explore different cultures using the collaborative and creative process of storytelling.

Drama students will explore different storytelling styles, develop characters, begin to use production technologies such as lighting, set design, masks and costume, and use the drama techniques of body, voice, movement and use of space to bring devised and scripted stories to life.


This course provides an introduction into studying Music at High School. Students who are passionate about listening, playing and writing music are encouraged to explore this programme. Students will learn the fundamentals of:

  • Basic music literacy

  • Songwriting in groups

  • Guitar skills including reading TAB

  • Digital composition using industry standard software

  • Performing


Dance students will have the opportunity to develop a living legacy, connecting students to their ancestors and fellow humans. In dance, students will foster strong relationships and a sense of belonging by engaging their whole being, enhancing their thinking skills and unleashing their creativity. Through its repetitive processes, dance strengthens resilience and the power of continuous improvement. Students will go on an incredible journey of self-expression and cultural exploration through the art of dance.

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts curriculum is designed for everyone to develop their visual awareness and explore their passion and identity whilst learning new skills, developing existing skills and refining their art techniques to achieve goals. You will gain a range of skills that will equip you for life and will help inform your future pathways and life choices, whether they be artistic or not. The tools and techniques learned in junior Visual Arts allows you to continue into senior Visual Arts: Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, and Sculpture. Students will experience:

  • A variety of art forms including:
    -  Drawing
    -  Digital art

  • Cultural arts including:
    -  Toi Māori
    -  Pasifika art

Business Studies - An Introduction to the World of Commerce

People seek to meet their needs and wants and in doing so often face limitations.

This course will introduce the concepts and skills in Commerce from the perspective of:

  • Who – the exchanges and interconnections that place people at the heart of organisations

  • What – innovation as a problem-solving approach to allocating resources

  • Where – businesses making a difference locally and globally

  • Why – equity and well-being for all

  • How – case studies, creativity, decision making

Junior English Language (JEL)

A class for multilingual students who would like support with English grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students will also draw upon their heritage language knowledge and cultural knowledge in this class.

Enrolments for this class must be confirmed by Mrs Beatty.

This subject runs for the whole year and will reduce the number of elective subjects taken.


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