Physical Education and Health Sciences at Hastings Girls’ focus on the nature of hauora and well-being, for students, their communities and our society as a whole, in order to develop attitudes and values that are positive and responsible and promote self and collective action. Health and well-being is important at Hastings Girls and we support every girl to enjoy being active and develop healthy practices that will serve her at school and beyond.

Enrichment Opportunities:

High Performance Sport, Elite Athlete Programme.


Our junior curriculum includes classes in both Physical Education and Health Scienes. In this time you will learn why physical activity is important for your well-being, and learn to make informed decisions about issues that relate to your health and wellness. You will also discuss issues related to your friendships and relationships with others and explore a number of topics ranging from personal care, to self-esteem, to keeping ourselves safe. You will be given strategies for how to play games successfully and how to work positively and build relationships with others in your team. You will take part in an interactive learning programme that will challenge you to participate in a wide range of health-related group and individual activities. You will acquire the techniques used in a number of physical activities. Our health programme aims to teach initiative, problem-solving skills and leadership skills.


Our senior curriculum gives students options to study Hauora, Lifestyle and Health Science,  Leadership and Exercise Science and Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation. All these courses are taught through authentic contexts - camps, outdoor education experiences, leadership opportunities with younger students, coaching and addressing current health issues in New Zealand. A robust health education at Hastings Girls’ High School offers a broad range of relevant career options for our girls as well as improving their quality of life.


Hastings Girls’ High School has a proud sporting history. We have developed a Sports department which caters for an array of interests, skills and talents. Our wide range of individual and team sports allow every girl to find an activity she enjoys and to be physically fit. We know that having good physical fitness (taha tinana) plays an essential part in overall hauora, which is why we  encourage all of our students to become involved in sport. From beginners to national representatives, the Hastings Girls’ sports department supports girls to be active, enjoy physicality and achieve both her own potential and to work together with her peers.

Regular involvement in physical activity and sport enriches lives fostering physical, mental and social health. At Hastings Girls’ we endeavour to provide quality coaching, opportunity, support and encouragement, to inspire our girls’ ongoing participation in sport.

Our incredible team of volunteers from both our teaching staff and our wider school community are an essential part of our sporting success, and add value to the physical activity and sport opportunities we provide.

Athlete Development Programme

At Hastings Girls’ High School, we offer an athlete development programme with a mind and body focus, which helps our athletes become the best they can be. The programme combines off-field skill development with an aerobic conditioning programme. Our specialist outside providers  deliver a regime shaped to best meet the needs of individual girls. This holistic approach is designed to enhance all areas of life, with many of the programme’s graduates going on to become national representatives in their chosen field. In Year 9 and 10, all girls have the opportunity to be part of our High Performance Sport programme, as well as regular Physical Education classes.

Current programmes on offer are rugby, hockey, netball, cricket, swimming, tennis, touch rugby, tri & multi-sport, volleyball, ki O rahi, softball, surf life saving, squash, orienteering, canoe polo, cross country, cycling, equestrian, football, athlete development programme, futsal, athletics, badminton, basketball, clay target shooting and polo.


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