In 2020 we began developing our Junior learning Kāhui Kaupapa - hubs which allow the girls’
strengths and passions to inform integrated learning. The kaupapa is the lens through which
the curriculum is delivered, tailored to your daughter’s individual learning style, skills and
interests. Year 8 and 9 students may apply to be considered for the Physical Activity, Design and
Innovation or Science and Maths Kāhui Kaupapa.

What will your learning look like?

  • Collaborative and creative.
  • Learn through your strengths.
  • Develop academic, social and cultural competencies.
  • Hubs provide an authentic learning context. 

Kāhui Kaupapa aims

  • To provide a passion pathway for students leading into NCEA and beyond.
  • To build confident learners through strengths-based teaching.
  • To teach all curriculum areas through the Kāhui platform, which provides a common connection for students. A team of specialist teachers work together to design a curriculum, with students’ strengths and interests at its centre.

Enrichment Opportunities:

Students from Year 10 onwards may opt into NCEA learning at differing levels to extend and enrich their learning. All learning areas broaden students’ learning through EOTC, speakers, performance visits or competitions.

Criteria for entry

What will your learning look like?

  • A passion and love for the Kāhui area.
  • A positive attitude and commitment to learning.


Our junior curriculum starts from the big ideas and enduring understandings that are central to us as human beings, a society and a global world. Over two years, curriculum study unpacks the concepts and critical thinking around Change, Identity, Social Justice, Sustainability, Belonging, Curiosity, Creativity and Survival. Learning combines cross-curricular understandings with specialist
knowledge and skills. All students continue to develop Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Physical Education skills. In addition, students take Social Sciences, Performing Arts and Technology and all Year 9 learn Te Reo Māori. 

Year 9 students can then choose two other areas of learning from Visual Arts, High
Performance Sport and Spanish. In Year 10 students move to more choice and opt into
three areas of learning from Spanish, Te Reo Māori, Business Studies, Visual Art, Technology,
Music and Drama.

Literacy and Numeracy - our teaching staff are committed to developing strong literacy
and numeracy skills for our junior students to ensure success at NCEA. Through Year 9
and 10 we identify students in need of extra assistance and put plans in place to support
them. Our Learning Support Co-ordinator, SENCO, ESOL specialist and specialist Teacher
Aides work closely together to ensure girls have the basic tools they need for further
learning. Wrap-around support is provided in a smaller Learning Support Class for those who
need it.


Our senior curriculum is centred around pathways connected to high interest or future contexts, achieving excellence;,and student choice. We offer learning that suits student interest and are the first school to offer Psychology due to high demand. At NCEA Level 1 we encourage students to learn across a broad range of areas and skills.

All students take an English and a Maths pathway. At NCEA Level 2 all students take an English pathway. Students may choose to take an NCEA level a year ahead in a strength learning area, and Scholarship options are available in Year 13. We always do our best to support student choices and we have a strong relationship with Te Kura, the online school, at which students can have dual enrolment. Students are studying NCEA Accounting, Spanish, Legal Studies, Art History and Level 3 Te Reo Māori. We know that what we do creates young women who flourish and excel - strong NCEA achievement and ever-increasing Merit and Excellence endorsement numbers support this


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