Maths is a language another way to read the world

In our mathematics classrooms students engage with and learn to enjoy mathematics in a collaborative, respectful and creative environment. Our aim is for students to enjoy learning mathematics and use it effectively in their everyday lives. We give them the tools to make sense of numbers and data and become strong, strategic, creative, critical and logical thinkers. A number of values inform how we teach maths at Hastings Girls’. We challenge and support our girls to create a learning environment in which they can become confident and are treated with and treat others with respect. Creative and intellectual freedom are encouraged through choices and responsibilities. They are mentored and are offered mentorship opportunities, under a tuakana teina model, to help themselves and each other overcome obstacles.

Enrichment Opportunities:

Calculus Club, various homework clubs and mentorship opportunities, and Mathematics competitions.


Our curriculum focusses on developing skills needed to be successful thinkers and problem solvers heading into NCEA and beyond. Differentiated learning allows students to develop at their speed. Authentic situations for learning Maths, e.g. ‘Going Flatting’ or Mathematics in Nature provide meaningful contexts for lasting, engaged learning.


Our senior curriculum is designed to support students’ pathways and future career choices. At all levels of NCEA, students can choose to take Mathematics for Living, Mathematics with Statistics and/or Maths with Calculus, as well as a Numeracy course at NCEA Level 1.


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