Police Course

This programme aims to provide students with a foundational understanding of real-world knowledge, constructive attributes and positive attitudes associated with Policing, and potentially other agencies in Aotearoa. In addition, the course gives students opportunity to explore physical and leadership requirements of being a Police Officer. 

This course will run on a Friday and students cannot take Waka Hourua or EIT courses in the same year.

Entry Requirements: No entry requirements
Leads to: Although aimed at policing, the skills and attributes learned in this course will benefit any tauira wanting to go down a uniform service pathway
Teacher in Charge: Mr C Gibbons


Individual Senior Programmes by selection.

Gateway is a work based learning programme that offers the opportunity to earn NCEA credits at Level 2 or 3 in a career of your choice. This could include such industries as: Early Childhood, Retail Skills, Equine Studies, Elder Care, Agriculture, Animal Care, Aviation, Baking or Butchery.

  • It offers structured workplace learning to senior students
  • It allows students the opportunity to develop work related skills and values
  • It allows students to experience work related training in their chosen industry and gain industry related unit standards whilst still at school

What will I learn? This will depend on the subject chosen and qualification on offer.

How will I learn? Distance learning with Polytechnics and outside providers supported by the Student Centre staff and tutors from outside providers.

Students must undertake a 1 day a week for 10 weeks work placement and achieve a minimum of 20 credits during the year.

STAR (Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource) offers senior students from Year 11-13 the opportunity to undertake short courses that help students' needs, motivate them to achieve, and facilitate their smooth transition to further education, training or employment. STAR is a vocational pathways tool that enables schools to provide additional mechanisms for students to access tertiary study and/or employment. Students can gain NCEA credits on a STAR course.

Cost and Materials: Contribution to course costs is required in some cases
Entry Requirements: Students must be able to demonstrate a history of satisfactory attendance, independent work habits, and a genuine interest in an alternative subject
Leads to: Provides a pathway directly into industry and gives the student an opportunity to see if this is the career they would like to follow
Teachers in Charge: Mrs M Gilmour & Mrs L Setford

Examples of Individual Programmes on offer:

Agriculture – Students gain unit standards while working one day per week on a farm for a year. The course can lead to a Diploma in Agribusiness Management.

Early Childhood Training – Students study unit standards through Porse and spend one day per week for 10 weeks working at either an Early Childhood Centre or Kindergarten. The theory work is self-paced and the Porse tutor comes in to school to mark work and keep students on track. The course can lead to studying a Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood).

Equine/Animal Care – Unit standards are available in Equine Studies through Telford Polytechnic and Equine eLearning Ltd. Students must complete a work placement in the industry during the year. A strong background in horses is essential.

Elder Care – Students undertake unit standards and spend one day per week working in the rest home industry. The course can lead to a Bachelor of Nursing.

Retail Skills – This course is aimed at those students who are looking at a career in the Retail or Customer Service Industry. All students must complete a practical work placement within the industry one day per week for a minimum of 10 weeks or alternatively have their own part-time retail job. Students must undertake customer service unit standards during the year.

All Gateway students must complete a work placement and gain a minimum of 20 credits throughout the year.

EIT Trades Academy Courses

Designed for senior students who would like to explore a potential vocational pathway in the trades.

Students apply to be selected to study one of the trades on offer and will attend EIT one day a week for the duration of the year. They offer 20+ Level 2 or Level 3 NCEA credits (Unit Standards). Students must have good attendance at school and a passion for one of the trades in order to apply.

Teachers understand girls are off site for a day and structure school programmes to minimise the disruption of students potentially missing some school class time.

Courses offered, include (but are not limited to):

Courses offeredLevel
Building and Construction
Computer Technician
Hair and Beauty2/3
Tourism and Travel
Hospitality - Level 2 (Bakery - Level 3)2/3
Te Toi Whakairo or Pikitoi (Māori Visual Art)2/3
Waka Ama3
Hauora (an introduction to the skills required for tertiary study in the health sector, nursing or social work)3
Integrated Trade Skills (automotive, engineeringand building)

These courses offer predominantly Level 2 standards and some can lead to Level 3 study at EIT in subsequent years. If a student has not undertaken a particular course at Level 2 and wishes to apply at Level 3, they will need to attend an interview with EIT, have good grades and good attendance. Students who wish to take the Police course or Waka Hourua course may not be able to take an EIT trade in the same year.

Entry Requirements: Students must have good attendance, independent work habits, and a genuine interest in an alternative subject
Leads to: Provides a pathway directly into industry and gives the student an opportunity to see if this is the career they would like to follow
Teacher in Charge: Mrs C Kelsey

Waka Hourua

This course is for those interested in learning about waka using traditional and contemporary Māori and Pacific kaupapa.

The range of projects you will work on include:

  • Waka voyaging 
  • Waka Tikanga 
  • Waka navigation 
  • Māori Tourism 
  • NZ Coastguard Day skippers and In water survival certificates 

This course will run on a Friday. Students who take Waka Hourua cannot do the Police course or EIT in the same year.

Entry Requirements: By application
Leads to: Level 3 Waka Hourua course
Teacher in Charge: Mrs B Averill (Whaea B)


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