Science is about investigating, understanding, and explaining the environment and universe we live in.   Scientific thinking enables students to investigate diverse and relevant issues such as the sustainability of our world, the impact of genetic investigation and manipulation, and new chemical and technological processes that inform our future.

Enrichment Opportunities:

Presentations from outside speakers working in Science-based industries, field trips to undertake research, competitions and events, such as Growing NZ and Tournament of Minds.


Our junior curriculum is about developing young scientists who have a passion for discovery, problem-solving and scientific enquiry through hands-on laboratory activities. Students generate and test ideas, gather evidence by making observations and carry out investigations.  Students will engage with the Nature of Science through a range of concepts from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth and Space Science. Our Science Department aims to encourage students to enjoy and excel at Science as well as instilling a sense of appreciation and responsibility for our environment.


All students choose a Science course at NCEA Level 1 based on their future pathway. At NCEA Level 2 students can then specialise in Biology, Chemistry and Physics or continue a more general Science course. Specialist teaching staff ensure that all students can excel, and scholarship is also offered.


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