Social Sciences allow you to explore how society works and the actions you can take to make your best contribution to shape our world. Social scientists study what makes us human, how we think, how we work as a society, as a country and as a world. It is also the study of our natural world and the relationship we have with it. Through the exploration of these ideas in the context of current and historic events, you will grow aware of the complexity of differing perspectives, human behaviour and relationships between humans and their world. We want you to be an active part of our society and world, able to challenge ideas and create the future.

Enrichment Opportunities:

Tournament of Minds, Model United Nations, Young Enterprise competition from Year 11 onwards, and field trips to experience our natural environment and culture first hand.


Our junior curriculum covers a number of subjects taught throughout the junior school. Through multimedia lessons you will explore significant issues in society gaining a critical under-standing of the world around you. Starting with local and national issues you will explore differing perspectives that will enable you to participate in society and be an active citizen. 
Students get a taster of the different areas of learning that make up the Social Sciences, and learn the skills to enable them to study Classical Studies, History, Geography, Business Studies, Pasifika Studies and Psychology in the senior school. New Zealand History is at the forefront in the junior programme and all students conduct an in-depth study of Te Tiriti O Waitangi.


Our senior curriculum allows for a wide range of choices of Social Science subjects containing a wealth of learning opportunities. Students can choose from Classical Studies, History, Geography, Business Studies, Pasifika Studies and Psychology. We are the first school in Hawke’s Bay to offer NCEA Level 2 and 3 Psychology. This popular subject offers you the chance to explore and evaluate human behaviour. Our Business Studies students take part in the Young Enterprise Scheme as part of their learning.


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