Technology gives you the tools to become an innovative developer of products and systems in a changing world.

We aim for our girls to become creators of a wealth of relevant technologies rather than mere consumers. We teach Technology in a way that allows students to be reflective, critical and innovative as they learn design processes, systems and tools connected with a broad range of technological careers.  We embrace and value Māori culture and world views in our study of technological practice and innovation, and all girls are encouraged to bring their culture into their design thinking. Ako is at the heart of this learning area and most class groups are now of mixed ages so that students can share ideas, learn skills and develop creative thinking from each other.

Enrichment Opportunities:

Local and national competitions, Tournament of Minds, workshops with visiting professionals in their fields.


Junior students can opt for a place in the Design and Innovation Kāhui Kaupapa, or be part of the wider Junior Technology programme. Classes combine students from both Years 9 and 10, and all students are given an opportunity to experience and explore Textiles, Design and Visual Communication, Food Technology, Digital Technology and Hard Materials.


Our senior curriculum classes are made up of mixed age groups who can specialise in a specific Technology area or take a Multi-Tech course. This model allows students to dig deeper into the design and innovation processes and fosters creative thinking and mentorship. All learning places the individual student at its centre. Her contexts and choices inform the products she will design.
Specialist teachers in Food Technology, Digital Technology, Textiles, Design and Visual Communication and Hard Materials enable students to study to scholarship level and to excel. 
Students are supported to enter their work for competitions and have had placings in the Hawke’s Bay Edible Fashion Awards and the A&P Show Make and Model.


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