Maraea Tuavera - Head Girl 2020

Kia ora, ko Maraea Tuavera toku ingoa. 

As I near the end of my fifth year here at Hastings Girls’ High School I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my high school experience. HGHS is an environment that has allowed me to grow and prosper in many different aspects, especially that of leadership. I’m proud to have attended a kura that is so diverse and takes pride in participation and success in areas such as culture, sport, academics and our other offered opportunities. It is also immensely rewarding to be surrounded by those that truly care about your achievements and celebrate your successes alongside you. The main thing I have learnt at HGHS and something that I will always carry with me, is the significance of whanaungatanga - I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I have without the support of whānau, friends and our great staff. 

He waka eke noa.

Anna Gilmour - Deputy Head Girl 2020

During my time at Hastings Girls' High School, I have come to understand what makes HGHS such a positive learning experience. I’ve been taught by teachers who care about their student’s stories and are willing to fight for their success. 

Our learning is supported and our individual needs are recognised. I’ve had opportunities to explore my passion for the arts both in and outside the classroom. 

Hastings Girls' is rich in character and culture, giving us a unique identity that I am proud to belong too. I have found there is so much to gain from the diversity found in our school. 

I love how genuine the girls are and how individuality is encouraged and celebrated. At Hastings Girls' High School you are not expected to be anyone but yourself. 

Karmi van der Merwe - Year 12 2020

My name is Karmi. I am a year 12 student at Hastings Girls' High School. My experience at HGHS has been really enjoyable. When I was in intermediate I was warned about the terrible experience called high school, but HGHS has an amazing supportive staff and understanding teachers, all at the ready to help students in any way they can. 

During my time at HGHS I have had many opportunities to step out in leadership and grow in myself. I have been part of the Environmental Committee, School Council and many more things along that line. 

HGHS  also offered me many sports activities to be parts of as well, such as an amazing hockey, volleyball and rugby team. 

All of these things have helped me learn who I am and make high school a really fun experience. 
I would definitely recommend HGHS to future students. The love and support given every step of the way in guiding us young girls into a brighter and better future. 

Vaine Kapuvai - Year 10 2020

Kia ora, my name is Vai and I’ve been at Hastings Girls' for 2 years and in my 2 years of attending this school I can proudly say that Hastings Girls is challenging and builds character in a way that no other school could. 

Sport and culture are really significant here, so it’s somewhere that everyone can fit in and prosper.

Eva Harper - Sports Captain 2020

Hastings Girls' High School has a wonderful unique range of girls who attend our school. 

Hastings Girls' has given me the opportunity to make lifelong quality friendships with some amazing girls. Our school offers a variety of different sports and activities to allow our girls to be involved in whatever they please. Our PE department encourages and motivates our girls to get involved in many outdoor and indoor activities. I have been involved in netball, tennis, cricket, canoe polo and dance throughout my years at Hastings Girls High School. Through each sport I have learnt new skills and formed different connections with some fantastic young women. 

Georgia Miller - Year 11 2020

Hastings Girls' offers a wide range of activities to participate in, which has allowed me to make many friendships. 

I have been involved in the school production, which let me try something new and built up my confidence. 

I am also a part of the senior A netball team, which with many of the girls we have become very tight. We enjoy spending time together, which makes us have a tighter bond on court. 

Many of the subjects and teachers are invested in making things suit you. This makes me more driven to learn. 

Being involved in our school activities makes the most of your time at Hastings Girls' High and much more enjoyable.

Mia Hill - Year 11 2020

Hastings Girls' High School is a school filled with many opportunities! Ranging from sport to productions to speeches and debating. This is one thing I really love about HGHS, as I have been able to take part in Hairspray, the school production, tennis, sports exchanges, house singing and many more. 

If you enjoy taking part in different extra-curricular activities and meeting new people, Hastings Girls' High School is for you. 

Leidy Santander Narvaez - Year 13 2020

I have been a student at Hastings Girls' High School for four years. From my experience in being here, teachers are very approachable and easy to talk to. The school offers many extra-curricular activities like sports. I have played football since I was year 9 and for me personally it has been a great experience in which it helped me to improve my confidence, as well as being able to work with others. 

Hastings Girls' High School has many different activities and subjects that allows all students to have access to something they are interested and passionate about. 
Hastings Girls' is very diverse and students are able to express pride in their culture and learn about other cultural backgrounds. 

Overall coming to Hastings Girls' High School has provided me with a good positive environment to learn more about myself and others.

Jennifer McMahon - Year 13 / Community Liaison Captain 2020

Hastings Girls' High School is a great fit for me as I’ve been able to be involved in a large number of extra-curricular activities. These opportunities enabled me to learn more about who I am as a person, what I enjoy and where my passions will lead. 

Over the five years of education at HGHS, I have participated in Year 9 G.A.T.E, School Council, debating, choir, the 2017 school production of ‘Oliver’, Sheilah Winn Shakespeare comps, speech competitions, cricket, tennis, the Young Enterprise Scheme, science fair, badminton and hockey (including hockey tournament). I have also had tuition for keyboard, singing, violin and the piano. In addition to these activities, I also participate every year in house events such as swimming sports and athletics. This year I have been selected as the Community, Environmental and Volunteering Liaison for HGHS, a role that includes finding events for the students to participate in and of course being part of the event myself. There’s probably more that I’ll remember after writing this!
There are so many opportunities to be involved at HGHS and there is always something for everyone. I’m someone who is interested in a wide range of activities and I've met so many like-minded people who shared similar interests through the various groups I’ve joined. I have learnt so much about others and myself, and because of this I am more confident and outgoing. I see so many people in the hallways that I recognise from the activities I’ve been involved in and it’s always such a great feeling to be able to say ‘hi’ and know so many different people from a range of year levels. 

I definitely recommend being involved in at least one extracurricular activity at HGHS as it creates memorable experiences and the opportunity to meet new people.