Rangatahi Pānui

Week 8 Term Two

Wizard of Oz

Final 2 nights of our School Production - Last night was opening and it was fantastic!  Tickets will now be available at the door for Friday & Saturday - Get in Early!

House Debating Week and Moots

House Debating is on this week: 
Gold vs Green Jr - THB high school movies have created an unrealistic idea of what high school is like.
Purple vs Blue Jr - THW require all school students to play a team sport.
These debates will be on Tuesday.

Gold vs Green Sn - TH regrets the existence of Valentines Day.
Purple vs Blue Sn - THB there is too much pressure on high school students to pick a career path.
These will be on Wednesday.

Frimley Gate

As of Monday we will be shutting the Frimley gate in the morning at 8.35am and unlocking it again at 3pm.

This is so that we do not have any public access during the day.  All visitors must sign in at the main office or at the student centre reception. 

Please remember if you are late to school, for whatever reason, you must sign in at the student centre, and if you are signing out you must also do this at the student centre.


From Term Three the Student Centre will only be printing timetables for students who do not have a device.  Students can find their timetable information by signing into Kamar.  If they are unsure on how to do this they can speak with their Ākina Coach.

Junior Learning Hubs 2022 - Year 9 Whānau

Year 9 whānau will have received a letter by email with information about the development of our Junior Learning Hubs for 2022. All information regarding this can be found at https://www.hastingsgirls.com/... and there is an information evening on Tuesday 6 July 6-7pm in the school staffroom. In Term 3 all Year 9 students will be asked to select their preferred Hub and electives for 2022.

Period Products

We are expecting our first delivery of FREE period products from the MOE. These will be discretely available from the Student Centre.  We encourage all to help themselves. Keep an eye on the daily student notices and we will let everyone know when they arrive.


We are now heading into the colder months.  Please ensure that all students have the correct uniform, so that they are warm and dry, both at school and on the way to and from.  From Term Three all students are to be in correct uniform.  If for any reason, this is impossible for you please contact Amanda Greville ge@hastingsgirls.com

Remember no socks with sandals.

The shop is open from 3pm until 5pm Monday to Thursday and on Saturday is the 3rd of July. Reminder that the shop is now located at Unit 2, 304 Eastbourne Street West, Hastings.

Junior Reports

When you receive your junior student's report at the end of term, you will note we are prioritizing our students’ own learning goals and reflections in their reports, instead of including the more traditional teacher ‘comment’ only. We are doing this to ensure that at the start of a term girls are thinking and talking about what they want to achieve, and then reflecting on their progress in a meaningful way with the aid of their teacher. This term we have also invited teachers to add a reflection where they feel it may be necessary or where a student has not been able to adequately set or reflect upon a goal. 

In addition to the new drive to grow goal setting and reflection habits in our students, we have asked staff to reimagine how they describe their students’ academic achievements and the growth of their important capabilities (habits) which make them better learners. You will note that most subject areas have now created detailed descriptors to explain what being a Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner or Expert means with reference to the subject’s learning focus each term. This is an ongoing process and we are very excited about the work that our staff are doing in this space and look forward to further developments as the year progresses. However, in more general terms, each descriptor can be thought of as follows:

Novice - new to the content and still working on a basic level of understanding and practise of the desired capabilities.
Apprentice - beginning to make progress in their understanding and practise of the desired capabilities.
Practitioner - has a solid grasp of the fundamentals and practises most of the desired capabilities, most of the time.
Expert - is confident and consistent in their understanding of academic content and their practise of desired capabilities.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reflect on these reports.

Staff and students creative writing competition

The library is running a short and fun creative writing competition for students and staff. Writing pieces can be funny or serious, any genre, any form and can be written in te reo Māori, Samoan or English. Enter as an individual or submit a collective piece with your class or Ākina group. All pieces are limited to 250 words. Judging is based on the fickle whims of the librarians (English entries), Ms. Iosefo (Samoan entries) and Whaea Evelyn (te reo Māori entries) so the judging shouldn't shape what you write - just write from the heart! There are prizes for winners and spot prizes for participants. Send your piece to wt@hastingsgirls.com by Friday 2 July. Winners will be announced Wednesday 7 July in Week 10.

Upcoming Sports

Friday 25th June
Senior A netball (Super8) at Pettigrew Green Arena
HGHS Senior A vs Outkast Sports: RDCL @ 6pm (Court1)

Saturday 26th June
Junior netball at Mitre10 Park (Sports Park)
HGHS Junior A vs Havelock North Junior Prems @ 10am (Court8)
HGHS Nikau vs vs Woodford Jnr Development @ 9am (Court16)
HGHS Junior B vs Iona Junior B @ 9am (Court6)
HGHS Manuka vs Wairoa Junior A @ 11am (Court14)
HGHS Kowhai vs TRSS: Taikura Juniors @ 10am (Court9)
HGHS Kahikatea vs Taradale High School Junior Mixed @ 10am (Court12)

Senior netball at Mitre10 Park (Sports Park)
HGHS Senior B vs Woodford Snr Dev @ 11am (Court6)
HGHS Kakapo vs Taradale High School: Senior A @ 10am (Court13)
HGHS Takahe vs Woodford Senior Black @ 8am (Court13)
HGHS Kereru vs SJMGC 11A @ 9am (Court18)

Monday 28th June
Junior basketball = BYE

Tuesday 29th June
Senior netball (Super12) at Pettigrew Green Arena
HGHS Senior A vs NGHS Senior A @ 4.30pm (Court2)

Wednesday 30th June
Senior basketball at Pettigrew Green Arena
HGHS Seniors vs NGHS Senior A @ 8.30pm (Court1)

Wednesday 30th June
Football at 4pm
HGHS 1st XI vs Woodford 2nd XI @ HGHS
HGHS 2nd XI vs HGHS 3rd XI @ HGHS

Thursday 1st July
Hockey location & time TBA
HGHS 1st XI vs IONA 1st XI Hockey 

Thursday 1st July
Badminton at 4pm
HGHS B1 vs SHC B1 = HGHS win by default
HGHS B2 vs SHC A2 = HGHS win by default
HGHS C1 vs THS C1 @ Taradale High School
HGHS C3 vs SHC C1 = HGHS win by default
HGHS D1 vs THS D2 @ Taradale High School

Friday 2nd July
Senior A netball (Super8) at Pettigrew Green Arena
HGHS Senior A vs HHSOG @ 6pm (Court1)"

School Calendar

Link to our School Calendar - for upcoming events 



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